Medical deep state now wants to vaccinate your pets for coronavirus

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Image: Medical deep state now wants to vaccinate your pets for coronavirus

(Natural News) “Experts” from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich (United Kingdom) and the University of Minnesota have determined that the only way to effectively curb the “spread” of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is to start vaccinating cats, dogs and other pets.

A wide range of species, a paper they wrote claims, could be injected with Chinese virus chemicals to help keep transmission of Chinese germs at bay. To not vaccinate animals “poses a significant long-term risk to public health,” they insist.

“It is not unthinkable that vaccination of some domesticated animal species might … be necessary to curb the spread of the infection,” they further explain.

The researchers involved with the study also say that minks need to be vaccinated for the WuFlu because a handful of the farm variety was associated with an outbreak that occurred in Denmark last year, resulting in millions of the animals getting culled.

Cock van Oosterhout, a professor of evolutionary genetics at UEA and one of the editorial authors, claims that both dogs and cats are capable of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), but that there are no known cases that have actually transferred to humans.

“It makes sense to develop vaccines for pets, for domestic animals, just as a precaution to reduce this risk,” he says.

“What we need to be as a human society, we really need to be prepared for any eventuality when it comes to Covid. I think the best way to do this is indeed consider development of vaccines for animals as well.”


Russia is supposedly developing a coronavirus vaccine for animals

According to Oosterhout, the Russians have already begun to develop a Chinese virus vaccine for people’s pets. Very little is known, however, about how it is being developed or when it will be released.

Kevin Tyler, editor-in-chief of the journal Virulence, in which this new paper was published, claims that cats are “asymptomatic” whenever they “catch” Chinese germs, but that they can supposedly still infect humans with it.

“The risk is that, as long as there are these reservoirs, that it starts to pass as it did in the mink from animal to animal, and then starts to evolve animal-specific strains, but then they spill back into the human population and you end up essentially with a new virus which is related which causes the whole thing all over again,” Tyler says.

In other words, the next phase of the plandemic is to make people scared of their own pets now that they are already afraid of other humans, including their neighbors and, in some cases, even their own family members.

It would not be at all surprising if Anthony Fauci came out and started recommending that people put a face mask or two over the mouths and anuses of their cats and dogs to help curb the spread.

“SARS-CoV-2 can infect a wide range of host species, including cats, dogs, mink and other wild and domesticated species and, hence, the vaccination of domesticated animals might be required to halt further virus evolution and spillback events,” Tyler further insists.

“Whilst the vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 are being rolled out worldwide, new virus variants are likely to continue to evolve that have the potential to sweep through the human population.”

With new “strains” of the Chinese virus now supposedly emerging, the push is on to create more vaccines not just for animals but also for people, and maybe even houseplants because they, too, could be harboring those scary infections that the news keeps railing on and on about ad nauseum.

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