Associated Press wants “extremist” podcasts that challenge fraudulent elections to be eliminated

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Image: Associated Press wants “extremist” podcasts that challenge fraudulent elections to be eliminated

(Natural News) In an attempt to stop light-skinned conservatives from having a voice in 2021 and beyond, the Associated Press (AP) is demanding that Apple and Google remove all decentralized podcast marketplaces from their respective app stores because freedom of speech is “extremist.”

According to the AP, “white supremacists” and “conspiracy theorists” are using podcasts to exercise their First Amendment rights, which should not be allowed anymore because CNN reporters and other far-leftists posing at “Trump supporters” entered the Capitol building on Jan. 6 and left some trash on the ground.

Those who run the AP further claim that continuing to allow these podcasts to exist is directly feeding into the “QAnon conspiracy theory,” as Trump supporters are continuing to use them to “wallow in President Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen election and bask in other extremism.”

“Accounts that have been banned on social media for election misinformation, threatening or bullying, and breaking other rules also still live on as podcasts available on the tech giants’ platforms,” the AP further claims.

Citing Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claims that QAnon and “white supremacists” are one and the same, the AP has gone full tyranny in its efforts to stamp out right-wing viewpoints in the age of Joe Biden’s fake “presidency.”

The ADL, by the way, went extremely far-left during the Barack Hussein Obama regime when former Obama official Jonathan Greenblatt was appointed to head up the ADL.


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ADL says podcasts play “particularly outsized role” in promoting “white supremacy”

Part of the left’s new “unity” plan apparently involves branding all modes of communication that conservatives use as “terrorist” breeding grounds. In order to join us all together as “one,” people who reject communism must be systematically removed from the internet to promote “love” and “harmony.”

The ADL agrees with the AP that podcasts have to go as part of this purge because they play “a particularly outsized role,” it says, in propagating “white supremacy.” According to Oren Segal from ADL’s “Center on Extremism,” podcasts offer “an intimate, humanizing mode of communication that lets extremists expound on their ideas for hours at a time.”

This is problematic because light-skinned conservatives are not human, according to the left, and must be forced to digest only what CNN and MSNBC tell us is true about the world. Everything else is “domestic terrorism” in the making, according to Democrats.

Speaking of CNN, the fake news network is working another angle of tyranny by trying to get Newsmax and One America News (OAN) pulled from the airwaves for promoting “extremist” viewpoints.

CNN recently gave a platform to former Facebook executive Alex Stamos, a far-leftist who openly called for other competing news networks to be silenced and extinguished because “there are people on YouTube, for example, that have a larger audience than daytime CNN.”

This is obviously embarrassing for CNN, which rather than try to compete in the arena of information would rather just stamp out its competition and maintain a total monopoly over all information.

“Stalin would have been most pleased with how the Democrats and their proxies are idolizing and implementing his methods,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter about how the “anti-fascists” are utilizing full-blown fascism to take down the political opposition.

“In case you haven’t noticed yet, anyone who is not a leftist Democrat is considered a white supremacist,” wrote another, to which someone else responded that whoever successfully purges history will have no trouble at all reshaping it to fit the new assigned worldview.

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