Biden sends open borders bill to Congress on first day in office: Can’t wait to swear in millions of new Democratic voters

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Image: Biden sends open borders bill to Congress on first day in office: Can’t wait to swear in millions of new Democratic voters

(Natural News) Since the days of Barack Obama, the Democratic Marxism Party has been steadily and “fundamentally transforming” America away from its founding principles of freedom, individual liberty, and constitutionalism.

But we got a reprieve when Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Right away, from his inaugural speech, the billionaire president who would never take his salary and went on to build the best economy and strongest military in record time, it was obvious he was for the restoration of our founding principles and value.

Our reprieve was short-lived, however. 

Now that Obama’s second-in-command, Joe Biden, has become the temporary benefactor of an election stolen from Trump by deep state maggots whose only concern is the concentration of power in their hands, the ‘fundamental transformation’ is on again.

And this time around, Biden’s handlers are accelerating right out of the gate.

On Wednesday, shortly after taking the oath of office, Biden sent a massive immigration reform bill to an all-Democrat Congress that, among other things, will provide their party with perhaps as many as 30 million new voters.

The Washington Examiner reports: 

President Biden sent Congress a bill Wednesday that proposes significant changes to immigration policy, including a pathway to citizenship for millions of people who are illegally residing in the United States.

The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 would create a new system” to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our families and communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere,” Biden’s transition team said in an announcement Wednesday morning as Biden prepared to be sworn in.


The legislation came as Biden was busy signing a wave of executive orders that reversed President Trump’s law enforcement and border security approach to immigration law: Biden’s orders halted construction on the border wall, loosened asylum restrictions, and will no doubt contribute to new migrant caravans like the one already heading to the U.S. border from Honduras.

And already those who are coming know that ‘our new president’ is going to welcome them in.

“What I want for my people, I just want to get to the US because they’re having a new president, with Biden, he’s going to help all of us,” one Honduran said. “He is giving us 100 days to get to the US and give us papers so we can get a better life for our kids and families.”

Added one Biden transition official: “The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight. We have to provide a message that health and hope is on the way, but coming right now does not make sense for their own safety … while we put into place processes that they may be able to access in the future.” (Related: Obama administration creating massive humanitarian crisis by openly encouraging wave of illegal immigration.)

Will that deter people? Probably not, thanks to the fact that Biden’s bill dangles eventual citizenship in front of migrants, which includes those caught up in Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program (implemented by executive order but which federal courts would not allow Trump to end by executive order).

“President Biden’s new vision for immigration reform is extraordinary and a welcome development for America, including the millions of people who are caught up in an outdated immigration system that no longer meets the needs of the nation,” said Jorge Loweree, policy director for immigrant advocacy group American Immigration Council.

The only thing that is outdated is this fool’s opinion: Americans have rejected increases in immigration (legal and otherwise) for decades, and they still do.

The surest and fastest way to destroy a country from within is dilute and then marginalize the heritage, history, traditions and values of its people. That’s what’s coming to Biden’s ‘transformed’ America.

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