Biden pick for top aide was once a visiting scholar at a “front group for Chinese intelligence”

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Image: Biden pick for top aide was once a visiting scholar at a “front group for Chinese intelligence”

(Natural News) The closer we get to Joe Biden actually being sworn in, the more obvious it becomes that the next four years (if he can mentally make it that long) will be the “China presidency.”

According to The National Pulse, Biden’s pick to serve as Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, Thomas Zimmerman, once served as a visiting scholar for what the FBI described as a Chinese intelligence-gathering organization.

The outlet notes: 

While at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, Zimmerman also served as a fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its close ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s top spy agency, the Ministry of State Security. 

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), which the FBI views as a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment,” was involved in a 2019 criminal case involving a retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative selling classified U.S. defense documents to China.

That operative, Kevin Mallory, had been contacted by an official from the SASS via the employment networking site LinkedIn, which spawned a relationship that eventually earned Mallory a 20-year prison term.

It gets worse, however.

One of the United States’ leading liberal policy think tanks, the Brookings Institute, also partnered with the SASS, the Washington Free Beacon reported in August. And, of course, there is a strong connection to “China” Joe.

“The partnership raises questions about potential Chinese espionage activities at the think tank, which employs numerous former government officials and nearly two dozen current foreign policy advisers to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,” the WFB noted. 


For the record, the SASS, which says it’s “the second biggest academic organization and comprehensive research center in the fields of philosophy and social sciences in China,” is very much aligned with Beijing’s top spy agency, the Ministry of State Security.

According to a 2019 affidavit involving Mallory’s case, FBI officials said that they suspect senior-level Chinese officials use the SASS for cover so that its staff can act as “spotters and assessors” in search of candidates they can turn into spies.

As for Zimmerman, Homeland Security Today reported that he also worked at the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Center on International Cooperation, which includes China policy. 

And it’s not as if the Chinese didn’t know who he was; he joined then-Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s campaign, becoming the Special Assistant to the National Security Adviser for the Obama-Biden administration before moving to the Pentagon as country director for Pakistan (which is also aligned with China).

Of course, this all comes amid one scandal after another involving the Bidens and China, dating back to 2013 when Joe Biden was still vice president.

In October, before the election theft the following month, Biden was assembling a transition team that was compromised by Chinese elites who had already compromised Hunter Biden via various ‘business’ deals with Beijing-run entities.

“In September 2020, Joe Biden appointed Jeff Zients to co-chair the presidential transition task force, which will be responsible for staffing a potential Biden White House,” we reported. 

“Under the Obama-Biden administration, Jeff Zients worked his way up to acting director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by connecting the Biden family with some of China’s most influential business and political elite. Zients worked in a corrupt political climate that sold America out, allowing Chinese elites to wield significant influence over the Biden family and the White House,” the report continued.

It’s crystal clear that U.S. policy toward China during a Biden administration is going to be the polar opposite of what it was during the Trump Administration, when we had a president who finally put American interests over those of Beijing and stood up to the rising Asian giant.

Those days are soon going away.

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