NHL joins nearly all other professional sports organizations in conservative purge

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Image: NHL joins nearly all other professional sports organizations in conservative purge

(Natural News) An employee of Private Jet Services, which provides private transit services to the National Hockey League (NHL), was fired from his position after the company learned that he had previously worked with the Donald Trump campaign.

Despite being threatened with a lawsuit by his former employer for spilling the beans, Dawson Buchanan bravely came forward to tell all about how his past work and political affiliations ultimately cost him his job.

According to reports, Buchanan was let go from the private jet concierge firm after the NHL threatened to cut ties and find a new carrier in the event that Buchanan remained on its workforce.

For the “crime” of supporting Trump, a businessman and non-politician who worked for four years to unseat systemic corruption from government, Buchanan was persecuted by a professional sports league that, quite frankly, nobody even watches anymore now that the stands are filled with cardboard cutouts rather than real people.

“I called the owner of PJS and asked for any explanation, and he told me very bluntly: the @NHL found out I worked for the Trump campaign and threatened to cancel the contract with PJS unless they fired me,” Buchanan tweeted in a tell-all series of revelations about what he endured.

It would appear as though Buchanan’s boss did not actually want to fire him, but felt as though he had no choice if the company had any hopes of maintaining its lucrative relationship with the NHL.

“Buchanan explains that the company’s owner caved to corporate demands to fire Buchanan, openly admitting that his firing was entirely political in a conversation with the now-unemployed,” wrote Richard Moorhead for Big League Politics.


Contact the NHL to let them know your thoughts about Buchanan’s firing

After Buchanan went public with his story, the owner of PJS, Greg Raiff – his page on the PJS website is now deleted – allegedly threatened to take legal action against him. Such a threat is bogus, according to Moorhead, and without teeth.

The NHL must not realize that most of its fans, or rather former fans, are conservatives who more than likely support President Donald Trump. To slight one of the league’s partners like this and discriminate against him is unlikely to go over well for the NHL – not that anyone really watches it anymore anyway.

Whatever hope there may have been that the NHL would buck the trend of other professional sports leagues, nearly all of which have gone far-leftist, has officially been dashed. The NHL is just another sniveling, kneeling libtard organization that does not deserve your money or viewership.

“The NHL is no longer worthy of the attention span-let alone the money- of Republicans, right-wingers, and conservatives,” Moorhead says.

“Sports have great value to youth insofar they’re directly competing; it’s time to look beyond the meaningless spectacle of a left-wing corporation that detests you and your values.”

We are encouraging our readers to contact the NHL at this link to let them know your thoughts about demanding that a man be fired from his job simply for supporting President Trump.

“Time for us to cancel everyone and everything against freedom,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter. “Cable? Gone! Professional sports? Gone! Fakebook, Twatter? Gone! Apple, Google? Gone! Netflix, YouTube? Gone! No longer allowed in my house.”

“Cancel any and everything which sets itself up against freedom and autonomy,” this same commenter added. “You are going to end up without all the entertainment eventually as it will be taken away or we will lose the freedom to enjoy it. Might as well preserve your freedom and end it early.”

More of the latest news about the left’s insatiable hatred for President Trump and his supporters can be found at Trump.news.

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