“Essential” photojournalist whines about having to wait almost two hours for coronavirus vaccine

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Image: “Essential” photojournalist whines about having to wait almost two hours for coronavirus vaccine

(Natural News) A Phoenix-based freelance photojournalist by the name of Arianna Grainey is getting roasted by the internet for complaining on Twitter about having to wait an hour and forty minutes for a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – even as the elderly and other high-risk people are having to wait weeks or months for theirs.

Having to stand in line for a little bit was simply too much for Grainey to handle, so she took to social media in a series of now-protected tweets to rant about what a bother it was to have to stand there for so long.

“Have been in this line for an hour and forty minutes,” Grainey complained to her handful of followers. “As a photojournalist I am deemed essential by my country.”

In other words, Grainey is just as essential as a firefighter or a hospital worker, in her own mind, and thus should have had the red carpet rolled out for her to receive a China virus injection immediately upon arrival at the facility that administered it to her.

A Twitter account called “Comfortably Smug” that had been reposting Grainey’s chain of tweets about having to wait in a long line to get jabbed noted that the self-important complainer took down the offensive posts within 15 minutes – but not before they were captured by onlookers.

“If you’re not a healthcare worker and you’re a healthy under 30 American, I’ve got strong opinions about you stepping in line before grandma,” tweeted Josh Homes, a former Chief of Staff and campaign manager to Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell.


If Grainey survives, she will be better off than the growing number of people who didn’t

Could it be that Grainey is simply looking for a date? Getting an “Operation Warp Speed” injection, after all, will soon be a requirement for people who want a relationship, says Anthony Fauci.

Or maybe Grainey wants to see what it feels like to develop Bell’s palsy, a common side effect associated with President Donald Trump’s fast-tracked vaccines.

Whatever the case may be, Grainey apparently feels as though she deserves the vaccine before people who are older and sicker than she is, demonstrating the density of the media “elite” who apparently lack the self-awareness necessary to see their own hypocrisy.

According to Fred T. from The Right Scoop, Grainey “will be a forever symbol of the MSM journo elites, eating cake and aghast that the peasants won’t just stop being starving.”

We hope that Grainey does not end up suffering a severe adverse reaction from the petroleum-based nanoparticles that were added to Pfizer and BioNTech’s China virus vaccine. In the event that she does, she will wish that she had gone to the back of the line rather than straight to the front.

Since the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology used in COVID-19 vaccines has never been injected into human bodies until now, there is no telling how the jab will affect Grainey in the long term. And since her Twitter account appears to have vanished, we may never know the outcome of her volunteering to be a human guinea pig.

“A plumber is essential,” wrote one commenter at The Right Scoop. “A journalist is non-essential. They are polar opposites.”

“This thing isn’t tested, there’s no way of knowing potential long-term problems, so why would someone even want their loved ones to take it?” asked another. “I say let these ‘essential’ workers or whatever they are be the guinea pigs.”

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