America’s uniparty used Capitol false flag incident to obliterate honest elections

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Image: America’s uniparty used Capitol false flag incident to obliterate honest elections

(Natural News) The propaganda industry, also known as the media, is falling all over itself with feigned “shock” and “horror” over the spectacle that was broadcast to the world from the Capitol on Wednesday. It was enough for nearly all of Congress to reject any further discussion about election fraud, which appears to have been the goal all along.

Those who “stormed” the Capitol (they were actually let inside by police officers) were filmed roaming the building and sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, which is apparently a “crime” so heinous that President Donald Trump and his supporters need to be locked up for good, according to some of the biggest loudmouths on television.

It is all so tiresome, especially since these same talking heads said nothing when Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists destroyed entire cities, ravaged and looted Target stores, and created a living hell across the streets of America. In this case, a handful of whomever these people were entered the Capitol and had a little fun, though the media would have us all believe that this was some kind of “insurrection.”

Truth be told, the whole thing was a staged psy-op designed to further demoralize the public while creating the pearl-clutching necessary to ignore the stolen election.

Almost nothing about Jan. 6 makes any sense in the context of the official narrative. Protesters were given the red-carpet treatment to invade the Capitol while a guard basically escorted the “mob” into the upper level of the chambers. In one clip, an officer is seen and heard nudging a photographer while uttering the words, “they’re here.”


The Capitol “invasion” was about as real as Sandy Hook

There is simply no way that the “protesters” would have been able to invade the Capitol building unless those “guarding” it wanted it to be invaded. The whole thing was an obvious stage play, complete with crisis actors, a film crew, and a complicit media to tell the tale of what “happened” after the dust settled.

It was the perfect false flag attack to divert attention away from election fraud and onto Trump and his supporters, who have now been painted as “domestic terrorists” and a force to be reckoned with if the United States has any chance of “healing.”

“It is almost as if someone was extremely determined to get those Antifa activists to their location so that they could do their job,” writes Michael Snyder about the busloads full of Antifa that were seen being brought in to D.C. before Jan. 6.

“Once they got inside the Capitol, the Antifa activists could have done a much better job of disguising themselves,” he added, pointing out that several of the participating “Trump supporters” have since been identified as members of Antifa.

Perhaps the most obvious “protester” — who is not what the media portrayed him as — is the Viking horns guy, who was seen at a BLM rally in Arizona back in June. This character was also photographed at a “climate activism” event back in 2019.

“Apparently his name is Jake Angeli and he is a ‘shamanic practitioner,'” Snyder further explains. “But on Wednesday he was posing as a hardcore Trump supporter … So why can’t the mainstream media put any of these pieces together?”

The answer to that question is that the mainstream media does not want to put these pieces together, and is working overtime to try to prevent you from putting the pieces together as well.

It is important to note that once the melee ended, the entire atmosphere in Congress completely changed, as planned. Suddenly nobody was willing to talk about election fraud, and instead read their prepared speeches condemning the “horrors” of the Capitol invasion. Coincidence? Hardly.

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