Pathetic Democrats and “mainstream media” propagandists rail at Trump supporters for breaching capitol building after ignoring Antifa/BLM riots for months

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Image: Pathetic Democrats and “mainstream media” propagandists rail at Trump supporters for breaching capitol building after ignoring Antifa/BLM riots for months

(Natural News) There is never going to be a better example of how disgustingly corrupt and dishonest Democrats and their propagandists, our “mainstream” media, have become than seeing them react to the admittedly disturbing breach of the U.S. Capitol Building by hundreds of so-called supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

A quick stroll around the Internet the following day provided more than a few examples of the blatant hypocrisy and gaslighting by Democrats and their sycophantic media allies, whom many have blamed for causing all of the division in our country to begin with.

“Trump told supporters to ‘show strength. Then a deadly riot unfolded,” said one headline at Fake News Central CNN, directly blaming the president for the few hundred knuckleheads who assailed the Capitol Building. 

“These are the rioters in the domestic terror attack,” said another headline from CNN, falsely claiming that what demonstrators engaged in was an act of “terrorism.” What’s even funnier (in a sad-but-true kind of way) is that this story is listed under “CNN Investigates.”

No, they didn’t. They didn’t ‘investigate’ anything.

Always ready to stir up racial tensions, the ‘news’ network also featured a story, “This was the response when it was Black protesters on DC streets,” complete with a photo of National Guard troops standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Never mind that during that period, BLM and Antifa anarchists were literally rioting and destroying and looting businesses. And never mind that DC Mayor Muriel Bowser requested the DC National Guard be deployed ahead of President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally, which eventually spawned the Capitol rush. (Related: Trump adviser drops second bombshell report in “Art of the Steal” series explaining how Dem-aligned deep state stole the election.)


Meanwhile, over at equally pathetic MSNBC, this headline: ‘Outrage grows over Trump response, leading to calls for 25th Amendment” — which outlines how to remove ‘mentally incompetent’ presidents (better dust it off for the brain-dead Biden when he takes office). 

Of course, ‘calls are increasing.’ The Democrats have honed in on it, and MSNBC is nothing more than a Democrat propaganda mill. And the Washington Post proves it with this headline: ‘Pelosi, Schumer urge use of 25th Amendment or impeachment.’

Here’s another from MSLSD: “The Capitol isn’t designed to keep the MAGA hordes out. That’s a problem.’ 

Mind you, President Trump never told his supporters to storm the Capitol Building. Yes, he did say they should march to it and give Republican lawmakers the backbone to challenge fake electoral college results — but he never said, ‘Invade!’

No — gaslighting “journalism” is the problem. 

Where were these moral preeners when BLM and Antifa were burning down city blocks, destroying businesses, attacking the president’s supporters, and looting stores — in the name of ‘racial justice?’ 

We can tell you where they were: Excusing it.

Speaking of CNN, it’s chief jerk and bodybuilder, Chris Cuomo, got ticked off when people pointed out his hypocrisy on these issues.

BizPac Review notes: 

CNN’s Chris Cuomo lashed out at those reminding him of the awkward truth of his own hypocrisy over “polite and peaceful” protests.

The CNN host was called out on Twitter after he posted comments condemning President Donald Trump and the protests that turned violent at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Apparently lacking any self-awareness, Cuomo fired verbal shots at Trump and those who “stoked the flames” that he believed led to the deadly demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol.

“You can’t control what you caused. And this is what you will he remembered for,” he tweeted in response to the president’s call for demonstrators to “stay peaceful. “They are not peaceful- because you are not about peace.”

In response to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s observation that the breach was “disgraceful,” Cuomo tweeted: “Those who stoked these flames must be remembered. They fed lies and moved people to exactly what we are seeing. #Remember.”

Last year, during the rioting taking place all over the country, Cuomo the Hypocrite noted on his little-watched CNN show: “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

You can’t make this up.

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