Nevada’s signature verification system for mail-in ballots has an 89% failure rate

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Image: Nevada’s signature verification system for mail-in ballots has an 89% failure rate

(Natural News) A Nevada journalist found that the state’s signature verification process for mail-in ballots has an 89 percent failure rate, raising concerns regarding the strength of Nevada’s anti-fraud security measures.

Victor Joecks, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal conducted the experiment that found the staggeringly-high failure rate. According to Nevada state law, all mail-in ballots must have the signature of the voter on the ballot return envelope.

“This signature is used to authenticate the voter and confirm that it was actually the voter and not another person who returned the mail ballot,” reads a guide on the Nevada state website. (Related: Improper signature verification setting compromised 200,000 Nevada ballots, former attorney general warns.)

In his experiment, he got nine people to volunteer. Joecks wrote their names in cursive using his own handwriting, and the nine people then copied his version of their name onto their ballot envelope. Joecks had to do this two-step process to ensure nobody would break any state or federal laws.

During an interview with Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria, Joecks asked what would happen if a ballot was signed by somebody else. Gloria said that the signature will be able to verify the voter’s true identity.

When asked if they were confident in their security measures, Gloria said, “I’m confident that the process has been working throughout this process.”

Unfortunately for Gloria, election officials accepted eight of the nine ballots. This means that the state’s signature verification process has an 89 percent failure rate.


Joecks has accused Clark County officials of not working proactively to figure out the extent to which “unscrupulous actors” have abused the vulnerability of their mail-in ballots. The County Registrar’s office, Joecks notes, has no investigatory team that can handle such cases of widespread voter fraud.

“Willful ignorance isn’t an election security strategy,” said Joecks. “It’s clear signature verification isn’t the fail-safe security check election officials made it out to be.”

Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he tells the American public to not allow the Democratic Party to get away with the massive voter and election fraud that they have orchestrated this election. If they do, he warns, they will steal every future election, and no election in the United States will ever be considered fair or free.

Nevada Republicans already calling for fresh elections amid allegations of voter fraud

“Leave aside the presidential race,” said Joecks. “Fewer than 200 votes separate the leading candidates in senate district five. In 2018, state Sen. Keith Pickard won his race by 24 votes. Even small amounts of fraud can swing results.”

This fact has not been lost on Nevada Republicans. Over allegations of massive voter fraud, congressional and state senate candidates have already filed a lawsuit seeking an emergency injunction. They are asking the judiciary to call for new elections.

Republican congressional candidate Jim Marchant lost to incumbent Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford. GOP state senate candidate April Becker also lost to Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. Their attorneys have filed a lawsuit with the Clark County District Court on Monday, Nov. 16.

Marchant is projected to lose by over 16,000 votes. Becker, on the other hand, lost to the incumbent by just 631 votes.

Marchant and Becker are arguing that the signature verification machines that were used to assess a percentage of the mail-in ballots violates the intentions of state law, which requires all ballots to be verified by human employees. They further assert that the plan put in place by state officials to allow for the observation of mail-in ballots was insufficient.

The complaint cites several issues with mail-in ballots, including an affidavit from a member of the Clark County counting board who testified that ballot counters did not care about verifying signatures and other irregularities.

Craig Mueller, one of the attorneys, wrote that due to the instances of voter fraud, including from 19 individuals who they claim were able to cast in-person votes despite having sent in their mail-in ballots, a new election is necessary. He adds that this redo election must put limitations on mail-in ballots due to the fraudulent signature verification process.

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