BLM pushing Biden to abolish prisons, end policing and extort reparations

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Image: BLM pushing Biden to abolish prisons, end policing and extort reparations

(Natural News) The same folks who burned down Target stores and torched small businesses in support of George Floyd are now calling on Joe Biden and the Democrats to endorse the so-called “BREATHE Act,” which would abolish prisons, eliminate policing, and force Americans to pay reparations to black people.

In a Nov. 19 opinion piece she wrote for Teen Vogue, Black Lives Matter (BLM) ringleader Patrisse Cullors demanded that society embrace a new “holistic treatment” program for black and brown people that will help them avoid being “disproportionately” put “behind bars.”

In essence, Cullors wants to reinvent the entire criminal justice system in order to keep black people out of prison.

“Police terror and mass incarceration do not exist in a vacuum,” she contends. “In our country, harm and punishment have invaded every aspect of society, and have done so with surgical racial precision.”

In Cullors’ apparent view, white people are never harassed or targeted by police officers. Only black and brown people face unjust treatment at the hands of the law as it currently exists, and thus deserve recompense based solely on their skin color.

The Civil Rights Act is no longer enough to afford black and brown people the “equality” they deserve, Cullors further maintains. They also need the BREATHE Act to ensure that alleged systemic abuses are rooted out of the system.

“We need to radically reimagine our concept of justice and safety,” she writes. “For too long, we have addressed harm with reciprocal harm.”


“Our elected and appointed officials catered to our worst retributive instincts, resulting in mandatory minimums, sentencing enhancements, and over-policing.”

BREATHE Act would be a “legislative love letter” to black people, Cullors says

If enacted, the BREATHE Act would eliminate police departments and release all convicted criminals. “Community-based” initiatives where black people self-police themselves would then be installed in place of the old system.

“[The bill] starts by divesting federal resources from vehicles of harm and punishment like policing and incarceration,” Cullors explains. “That means slashing enormous police budgets.”

The BREATHE Act would also decriminalize drug use, which is perhaps the only portion of the bill that makes sense. Prohibition is unconstitutional and only ends up creating a life of punishment and misery for the non-violent offenders who get caught in its trap.

Pretty much everything else about this bill goes rogue, however, including the total abolition of a criminal justice system, as well as the elimination of our nation’s immigration laws.

“BREATHE will put us on the road to police and prison abolition, letting our loved ones out of federal prison and immigration detention facilities and building nurturing reentry systems to welcome them home and put them on the path to success and citizenship,” Cullors says.

Last but not least, the BREATHE Act would seek to “address past wrongs,” meaning it would create various taxpayer-funded reparations programs to enrich “indigenous” people groups while expanding “democracy.”

Cullors has already asked the supposedly incoming Biden-Harris regime to sit down and have a meeting with her. The goal, she says, is to convince them to enact the BREATHE Act within their first 100 days in office, the assumption being that they will actually be installed into office.

Should Biden-Harris agree to a meeting, Cullors is certain that the bill will pass because it is a “legislative love letter to black people.”

“What is abundantly clear is black voters tipped the scales in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, especially in Rust Belt battleground states,” Cullors insists.

“It’s a testament to our communities that the same people who have been treated the worst by our democracy still showed up to save it.”

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