Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson has come to the realization that Big Pharma is EVIL and lockdowns are part of a socialist takeover

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Image: Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson has come to the realization that Big Pharma is EVIL and lockdowns are part of a socialist takeover

(Natural News) Brilliant mind and co-founder of Peak Prosperity, Chris Martenson, has come to the realization that Big Pharma is controlling the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) narrative, as lifesaving knowledge is withheld from the public. In his latest piece, “We Are Pawns in A Bigger Game Than We Realize: Understanding the coming ‘Great Reset’” Martenson concludes that lockdowns are being used to steal freedoms, concentrate wealth and allow socialist systems to overtake free-market economics.

Martenson points out that Western civilization is being led into a dangerous form of groupthink, and taught to blindly accept an official narrative about COVID-19 and to follow authoritarian mandates in order to live.

The mainstream narrative on COVID-19 goes something like this

COVID-19 is a lethal and novel disease, with a broad diagnostic criterion. We do not know anything about the virus, except that everyone must obey behavioral commands, livelihood restrictions and business shutdowns in order to “slow the spread.” No effective treatments are available at this time. Any information about the immune system, nutrition, vitamin D, antivirals and recovery is misinformation, potentially dangerous. Health authorities and governors have the authority to rule over your body, dictate your career, schooling, activities and social life because they care about your health. The individual is incapable of making their own private medical decisions and must be kept “safe” with plastic shields, sanitizers and restricted airways. Everyone must fear this virus and its associated disease until there’s a vaccine, which will be the only way economies can resume and people can have their freedoms back.


This is what happens when Big Pharma and the vaccine industry merge with government dictators to control and ruin people’s lives. There are plenty of effective, cheap and widely available preventative measures and treatments that help people live without fear, without control.

Vitamin D, zinc, Vitamin C, selenium, licorice root extract, mullein, elderberry, Siberian ginseng, astragalus, sweet wormwood, and other demulcent, anti-inflammatory herbs and antiviral phyto-chemicals have proven effective for controlling COVID-19. Affordable treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine assist the immune response. This is the science, but it’s mocked and censored by Big Pharma and their controlled media and Big Tech alliance. Martenson writes: “that the machinery of politics, money and corporate psychopathy is suppressing lifesaving treatments because these managers have other priorities besides public health and saving lives.”

Cognitive dissonance and mass compliance will lead to deeper layers of human slavery and economic control

Most people are unwilling to open their eyes to the evil around them because they are deluded by their own cognitive dissonance. Most people want to believe that people are mostly good and are looking out for them, but it’s not always the case. Most people want to have trust and faith in the medical system, even though medical error is the third leading cause of death in America. Most people also want to put their faith in authority and avoid confrontation. Martenson explains this dissonance: “Not trusting the medical system might mean having to wonder if a loved one might have died unnecessarily while being treated. Or realizing that you’re now going to have to research the living daylights out of every medical decision before agreeing to it. Or worrying that your medications might be more harmful to you over the long haul than helpful (which is true in many more cases than most appreciate).”

Of course, all this cognitive dissonance ultimately leads people to great harm, as groups blindly follow what they are told. When this compliant mentality occurs on a large scale, mistakes get swept under the rug, breeding systemic issues and corruption. When nothing is challenged or held to account, power grows and with this power comes evil intentions and controlling visions. World leaders are now talking about a Great Reset of economies using lock downs and bodily requirements. Martenson explains in Part 2: The Coming ‘Great Reset’ that multinational powers are planning to transform nearly every aspect of global industry, commerce, trade and social structure, while plotting to hold down and control human populations while they carry out their agendas.

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