Packing the Supreme Court with six new justices will “depoliticize” it, says AP

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Image: Packing the Supreme Court with six new justices will “depoliticize” it, says AP

(Natural News) In the event that Joe Biden wins the election and decides to pack the Supreme Court, as many believe he is planning to do, the move would only help to “depoliticize” the highest court in the land, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Citing statements made by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat who is currently running for the Montana state senate against incumbent Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican, the AP reported that efforts to “depoliticize” the court may include “adding judges to the bench, a practice critics have dubbed packing the courts.”

For at least the past year, Democrats have been proposing this packing option, which would increase the total number of seats on the Supreme Court from nine to 11. These extra seats would almost certainly be filled with far-left ideologues under a Biden administration, effectively tipping the court back towards the way it was when Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) was still alive.

Biden has repeatedly been asked whether or not he will pack the Supreme Court, and every time thus far he has refused to answer the question, suggesting that he would, in fact, pack it.

Kamala Harris has likewise refused to say whether or not her administration – let’s face it, Biden is a temporary placeholder for a Harris administration – would pack the courts, which just like with Biden almost certainly means she would.

A traditionally unpopular concept, court packing has ironically long been opposed by Democrats. This includes when Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat himself, proposed doing it back in the 1930s, only to have Democrats vocalize their opposition.


As it turns out, the idea is no more popular today, except among anti-Trumpers who are planning to use it as a type of “nuclear option” to salvage the Supreme Court in favor of radical liberalism, and preserve the legacy of the left’s beloved RBG.

Some Democrats recognize that using the phrase “court packing” is deterring some voters against the idea, however, which is why the term “depoliticizing” is suddenly being equated with it.

TPM founder and historian Josh Marshall, a blue check-mark on Twitter, recently tweeted that Democrats should stop using the term “court packing” entirely, and instead refer to it as “depoliticizing” for the sake of garnering more support for the concept.

“Any Democrat who uses the term ‘court packing’ to describe expanding the number of seats on the Supreme Court should be smacked upside the head,” Marshall tweeted.

“This is not only idiotic politics. More importantly it is wrong, incorrect, not what anyone is proposing.”

Is the AP working with Democrats to soften the blow of court packing?

As originally reported by the AP, it was Gov. Bullock who technically came out in favor of court packing as a way to “depoliticize” the court in the event that Barrett is confirmed. And the AP appeared to support it, at least initially, when it failed to clarify that Bullock’s statements were his own.

To its credit, the AP later updated its article to explain that equating court packing to “depoliticizing” is “Bullock’s opinion, rather than a fact.” At the same time, the idea is now gaining traction thanks to articles like the one published by the AP, which on its surface seems to legitimize it.

“This is one of the few times the AP and the Dems are out of step on the narrative,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter. “The Dems are outright saying they are going to pack the courts in order to politicize it … the AP as a willing accomplice is just trying to soften the language of the narrative!”

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