Gavin Newsom wants to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on “reparations” for blacks

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Image: Gavin Newsom wants to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on “reparations” for blacks

(Natural News) Following the passage of a so-called “progressive” reparations bill in Asheville, North Carolina, back in July, California is joining in on the fun by funding a new reparations task force, the job of which will be to teach white people that they are “bad” and “racist,” and black people that they deserve more “free” money from the government.

On Sept. 30, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 3121, which allots taxpayer cash towards the creation of a task force that will research “the effects of slavery” and create “a plan for reparations,” reported the Washington Free Beacon, as relayed by Big League Politics.

“The law – which comes after a summer of racial unrest following the death of George Floyd in May – also requires the group to educate the public on California’s historical involvement with slavery and segregation,” that report further explains.

While AB 3121 does not itself contain any actual reparations provisions – that will have to come later with a subsequent bill – it does lay the groundwork for even more spending.

“Many boosters of reparations would do well to read up on the history of Black America before the welfare state to see how this community thrived during a time when government was much smaller and allowed for Americans of all colors and creeds to thrive,” writes Jose Nino for Big League Politics.

“A sleeker government, not another wealth transfer program such as reparations, is the key to mitigating tensions in America.”

Before government handouts became the norm, blacks were successfully self-sufficient

Even though throwing more money at black poverty and crime has never worked in the past, Democrats are insistent upon trying it again and again as the solution to a problem they created.


The “Great Society” programs of the Lyndon Johnson era, which were supposed to help black people improve their estates in life, similarly failed to bring about lasting change, and only made the problem worse in the long run.

“[H]andouts to blacks [do] not address the core problems they face – single-parent households and epidemic levels of crime – which are largely the product of the modern-day welfare state,” Nino adds.

Newsom, commenting on the landmark bill in his state, stated that Americans can only thrive “when every one of us has the opportunity to thrive,” implying that blacks somehow do not have the same opportunities as whites.

“Our painful history of slavery has evolved into structural racism and bias built into and permeating throughout our democratic and economic institutions,” he added.

At some point, blacks will reportedly be given student loan forgiveness that whites are not afforded, as well as “free” job training and actual cash payments, which will only be afforded to people with darker skin who are supposedly descendants of slaves.

It remains unclear as to whether the descendants of slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ family will qualify for the program.

Despite the fact that California was never a slave state, California State Assemblywoman Shirley Nash Weber believes that all Californians who are not black have a moral responsibility to fund the lives and livelihoods of blacks who live in the Golden State.

“California has come to terms with many of its issues, but it has yet to come to terms with its role in slavery,” the black Democrat is quoted as saying. “After 400 years, we still have that impact. If we can do it, others can do it also.”

Weber’s bill was reportedly put together long before George Floyd made national headlines, indicating that Floyd is merely another excuse for leftists to demand that white people pay the bills of black people.

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