Did Joe Biden just threaten America with MORE violence if President Trump is reelected?

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Image: Did Joe Biden just threaten America with MORE violence if President Trump is reelected?

(Natural News) One of the most underreported aspects of the current violence, unrest and chaos that continues night after night in major cities across America is the fact that the people creating the mayhem all have the same message: Revolution.

Now, most Americans will dismiss such calls as nothing more than empty rhetoric being shouted by a small minority of people, and in a country of 330 million, it’s not something to worry about.

After all, Leftists were shouting ‘Revolution!’ in the streets in the 1960s too, and nothing changed; we still have the same form of government our founders bequeathed us.

Well, there are some distinct differences between the 1960s mayhem and what’s going on today: The chaos is the result of the same Marxist/Leninist anarchist political ideology of 50 years ago, but back then the Democratic Party, while more liberal than the Republican Party, at least favored policies like:

— Law and order (Richard Nixon won on this platform by a landslide in 1968);

— Fully funding police departments;

— Punishment where warranted; 

— Prosecution of lawbreakers;

— Jail terms for the guilty.

Today’s Democratic Party, however, does not embrace any of those principles. Because it’s not the Kennedys’ party any longer, it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s party, which means the violence we are seeing is only going to get worse because what she wants is the same thing the radical Leftists who comprise the lawless base of Antifa and Black Lives Matter want.

We’ve seen this transition coming. Once ‘AOC’ was elected, along with her ‘Squad,’ we knew that the old Democratic Party with its socially conservative “blue dog” faction was a thing of the past.


And Joe Biden, who has stumbled and mumbled his way into becoming the party’s 2020 presidential contender, will only ensure that the radical Leftist revolutionaries have the power of the White House behind them if he wins in November.

We already know what’s in store: More radicalism and more chaos.

Biden, or whoever is running his Twitter account, posted this not-so-cryptic message recently. (Related: Biden blames Trump for BLM, Antifa violence even though not a single Democrat has condemned this monster created by the left.)

“Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Biden’s account said (Biden can’t speak sensibly in public for very long; what makes anyone think he’s writing his own tweets?).

Was that a threat that more destabilizing violence is on the way if President Trump gets reelected? Sure it was. And it was meant to scare Americans into casting a ballot for Biden — so the country can finally experience peace.

But think: The violence taking place right now is occurring in Democrat-run cities, and many of the mayors and city councils who run them are extremely Left-wing.

That is especially true of Mayors Jenny Durkan in Seattle and Ted Wheeler in Portland — and yet the Antifa/BLM anarchists are still creating unrest, breaking into stores, lighting fires in the streets, killing political opponents and rioting. 

What makes anyone believe the violence in America will stop if Biden is elected? 

It won’t; we’re already seeing the ‘revolution’ being played out in chaotic Democrat cities like St. Louis, New York City, L.A., Portland, and Seattle.

In fact, Wheeler the lib has been under assault so badly at his own apartment that he’s moving — as if that will stop the mob from following him and continually disturbing his peace again and again and again.

Here’s what’s happening: The Marxist, militant Left funded by billionaire instigators like George Soros sees an opening for real radical revolutionary change and they are using the Democratic Party as a base of operations. They don’t really believe in the Democratic Party or its principles and view it as being just as ‘corrupt’ and tied to the capitalist system they seek to destroy as the GOP. That’s how they can vote for Democrats and still attack guys like Wheeler, who knows that ‘defunding the police’ can never be a real thing.

But the other problem these Democrat enablers have is this: They can no longer stop the Marxist mobs they helped create. 

Violence is here to stay whether Trump wins or not. The Marxists need the Democrats for now but they don’t really want to become Democrats. Because they’re Marxists.

The difference is, Trump will put his boot in rioters’ rear ends and Biden won’t.

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