Father of man who was killed by armed enforcer of Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ sues for $3 billion

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Image: Father of man who was killed by armed enforcer of Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ sues for $3 billion

(Natural News) Horace Anderson, father of Lorenzo, a 19-year-old African American who was fatally shot inside the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) zone in Seattle, is suing the city, county and state for his son’s death. He is seeking a total of $3 billion – $1 billion from each.

Lorenzo was shot several times by Marcel Long, a person that he had been feuding with for well over a year before the fatal incident. Lorenzo was shot at around 2:20 a.m. and he “laid bleeding to death” in the street because, for around 20 minutes after the incident, he was not able to get any aid.

When Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers tried to enter the zone, they were confronted by an “aggressive and volatile crowd.” When first responders arrived to provide medical aid, they were also unable to enter the zone due to the dangers it posed. Lorenzo was pronounced dead at 2:53 a.m., around 10 minutes after he arrived at a nearby hospital.

“Lorenzo died in agony from his wounds,” said Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates, who is representing Lorenzo’s father.

Horace’s lawsuit alleges that the actions and inactions of the city, the county and the state have made them all complicit in Lorenzo’s death.

They abandoned the SPD’s East Precinct building in Capitol Hill, which allowed a large part of the neighborhood to be illegally occupied. Furthermore, they refused to do anything decisive that would have either prevented CHOP from forming or prevented it from lasting as long as it did. (Related: Left-wing rioters in Kenosha are now setting fire to apartment buildings with families trapped inside.)


“He didn’t have help,” said Horace. “He needed help. He needed me and I wasn’t there for him.”

People living in cities controlled by the Democratic Party, such as Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Kenosha, have to fend for themselves and rely on support from patriots from other parts of the country who are willing to come to their aid. Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and hear the story of one heroic young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, who went all the way from his hometown in Illinois to Kenosha to help defend the properties of the city’s law-abiding residents.

Inability – or unwillingness – to dismantle CHOP “responsible” for Lorenzo’s death

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Oshan said that the lawless nature of the zone and the refusal of city, county and state authorities to do anything about it, made Lorenzo’s death inevitable.

“There was no safety, there was no security,” said Oshan. “This whole region was completely abandoned and this special needs kid, basically, was put into a dangerous situation. It was a predictable, preventable death.”

Spokespeople from the City of Seattle, King County, and Washington have all declined to comment due to the case’s pending status. Both Seattle and King County were able to confirm that claims filed on behalf of Horace have been received. Harold Goldes, spokesperson for Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services, said that, as of Thursday, his department has not yet received a tort claim from Horace or his legal representatives.

According to the lawsuit, authorities abandoned the section of the Capitol Hill neighborhood occupied by CHOP without any kind of contingency plan to make sure that the residents of the neighborhood still have decent access to essential services, creating a power vacuum that was filled by dangerous elements.

After Lorenzo was fatally shot, authorities also “failed to provide medical assistance … despite knowing it was urgently needed,” wrote the lawsuit.

“I just want to see justice for my son,” said Horace, in an interview with the New York Post. He highlighted the fact that his son’s killer, Marcel Long, has still not been arrested.

On August 5, King County prosecutors finally filed charges of first-degree murder against Long. He is accused of fatally shooting Lorenzo and of fleeing the state.

“Somebody has to be held responsible,” said Horace. “Something is not right and my son should still be alive to this day.”

Last month, Lorenzo’s mother, Donnitta Sinclair Martin, also sued the city. In her lawsuit, she alleged that local officials created a “dangerous environment” thanks to them allowing CHOP rioters to occupy a significant chunk of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. According to her attorneys, who refused to specify a dollar amount, said that they are planning to file a wrongful death suit in a federal court.

Lorenzo was not the only person to die in the illegally occupied protest zone. During the self-proclaimed anarchist commune’s 24 days of existence, there were a total of four shooting incidents, another one of which led to a death. Every single one of the incidents involved individuals who had either been appointed by CHOP or had appointed themselves to act as the zone’s border security opening fire on other people.

Unfortunately, Lorenzo’s death is just one of many that are occurring in Democrat-controlled cities due to their unwillingness to fight back against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Learn more about the latest events concerning their riots at Rioting.news.

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