Tucker Carlson to liberal, mainstream news: “Stop lying!”

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Image: Tucker Carlson to liberal, mainstream news: “Stop lying!”

(Natural News) Liberal news outfits and organizations must learn how to exercise utmost editorial honesty, says Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, adding that the outfits should start by calling the recent spate of violence on the streets of America for what they really are – riots.

According to Carlson, mainstream media, along with the Democratic Party, “slyly” encourages political violence by mischaracterizing the events in their coverages, citing a specific headline by ABC News that labeled a violent protest by individuals affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement as “peaceful” – never mind that it led to the burning of a courthouse, as well as physical assaults on police officers.

The media’s coverage of the latter event drew similar comments from several prominent Republicans, including Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw and former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, both of whom mocked ABC News’ headlines for deliberately misrepresenting the events.


“The message they are sending you is very clear: Americans are not equal anymore,” Carlson argued during an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight at Fox. He also noted that because of how mainstream and liberal news outlets frame stories, two standards have since come to light: one that benefits liberals and their Left-wing ideologies, and one that demonizes conservatives.

“They tell us the only real crimes are thought crimes. It’s okay to set fires or smash strangers in the face with two-by-fours, so long as you are chanting the correct slogans,” Carlson said, before adding that when conservatives or even political centrists do the same, they are met with what he called “swift punishment.” (Related: Scholar says Black Lives Matter movement now more akin to the French Revolution – is a Reign of Terror next?)


“If you are on the right team, everything is allowed,” the noted political pundit stated.

Carlson also lamented what he said was mainstream media’s obsession with making excuses for Liberals and Left-wing dissidents, citing an instance over the weekend wherein “armed mobs of Joe Biden voters” torched and destroyed private properties and attacked police officers. That event, he said, was promptly buried under a pile of excuses.

“They hurt people, a lot of people, and the media, watching closely, lied about all of it. They pretended it didn’t happen. They made excuses for it. They buried the truth in euphemism,” he said.

Authorities: “Mainstream media now pushing false narratives”

This is not the first time that mainstream media was reported to have lied, covered up, and published false narratives for other parties.

Attorney General William Barr, in an interview with CBS NewsFace The Nation, noted that many mainstream publications and news outfits pushed false narratives about the events that transpired at Lafayette Park in Washington around early June, which saw authorities dispersing protesters with pepper bombs and projectiles.

According to Barr, despite being described by most mainstream news organizations as a “peaceful protest,” the actual event was actually far from it.

“They were not peaceful protesters. And that’s one of the big lies that the media seems to be perpetuating at this point,” Barr stated, adding that the protesters actually managed to injure 150 law enforcers. Most of them had to be sent to the hospital after sustaining concussions.

“It wasn’t a peaceful protest. We had to get control over Lafayette Park, and we had to do it as soon as we were able to do that,” he added.

Writer Ted Diadium, in an editorial for Cleveland.com, noted that this dishonesty in their reportage, as well as the politicization of news itself, has caused the erosion of the public’s trust in mass media, referring to the recent dips in the trust ratings of several media organizations as per a series of surveys by several marketing and research firms.

One survey, conducted by Gallup in late 2019, found that 41 percent of Americans trust in the mass media to report the news “fully, accurately and fairly, while 59 percent were largely mistrustful of it. This is the second-lowest drop in mainstream media’s trust ratings, after notching in a score of 32 percent from readers back in 2016.

These results were echoed by a survey from Morning Consult, which found a 16-point drop in trust for nine leading media outlets since 2016.

“The politicization of our national news, and the loss of our ability to trust our once-great news organizations, is a national tragedy. It is terrible for the democracy and detracts from our ability to make informed decisions based on real facts,” Diadium said.

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