MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocks idea of violent inner city crime, says Trump is creating “false narrative” to scare “white suburbs”

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Image: MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocks idea of violent inner city crime, says Trump is creating “false narrative” to scare “white suburbs”

(Natural News) During a recent episode of her new show The Reidout, MSNBC host Joy Reid went on a mocking spree against President Donald Trump’s “law and order” rhetoric concerning violent inner-city crime, which she says is a “false narrative” designed to scare people living in “white suburbs.”

Lambasting Trump for sending “paramilitary” forces of “secret police” into violently thrashed cities like Portland in order to try to keep the peace, Reid insinuated that Trump is already preparing to respond to his potentially losing the election this November.

“Part of [Trump’s] narrative … is that Democratic-run cities are some sort of hellscape,” Reid joked, completely dismissing the endless waves of black-on-black violence that routinely sweep leftists cities like Chicago, which recently saw its deadliest weekend in recent history.

In Reid’s view, Trump is only targeting violent leftist cities because he wants “white suburbs to be terrified of Black Lives Matter and to think it’s some sort of revolution against the police.” Those actually causing the violence, she further contends, are law enforcement in disguise.

Maxine Waters, whom Reid interviewed during the segment, agrees. Waters says that Americans had “better be worried about what we’re seeing in Portland” because “these paramilitary police officers or whomever they are, they’re federal officers or agents of some kind” that Trump is supposedly organizing to incite violence rather than put an end to it.

“Who are these people?” Waters went on to ask. “Why did they have these kinds of uniforms on where they can’t be identified? We don’t know their names. We don’t have anything that identifies them. They have unmarked cars that have been pulling people off the street and throwing them into these cars and I want to tell you, Joy, this is what you see in countries where you have dictators, in third world countries with dictators who have paramilitary that they can call up.”


The Democrats are already creating their own false narrative that Trump is going to lose, and yet try to remain in office through force

The irony of Reid and Waters both claiming that Trump is manufacturing fake news about the need for more law and order in violent American cities is that the two of them are creating their own fake news about Trump losing the election this fall but trying to still remain in office through force.

Charlie Sykes of The Bullwark, who also participated in the conversation with these two, reiterated their made-up conspiracy theory that what we are seeing happen right now in Portland “is actually a pretty scary development and it leads people to believe [Trump] might be looking to use this again for the election.”

In other words, if Trump loses, then he might send out his “paramilitary secret police” to subdue his opposition and remain in office forever like some kind of dictator. This is the message being conveyed at MSNBC, even as MSNBC hosts accuse Trump of making up conspiracy theories.

Just to be sure that viewers got the point, Reid continued on in the segment to refer to federal officers as “Trump’s secret police,” claiming that they are “invad[ing]“ cities as part of some kind of ploy to go “full 1960s George Wallace and stok[e] white suburban voters’ fears of violent crime.”

Once again, the irony in Reid perpetuating this loony conspiracy theory is that she, herself, is stoking Democrat fears of a total Trump takeover, which has no basis in reality and only exists in the minds of extreme leftists like Reid who, if Trump should win again, will reject the results once again and whine about it for the next four years.

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