Revealed: Senate transcripts from 1985 show Biden using the n-word over 13 times

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Image: Revealed: Senate transcripts from 1985 show Biden using the n-word over 13 times

(Natural News) Recent video reveals U.S. Senate transcript of Joe Biden using the N-word 13 times in a 1985 hearing series. Joe Biden is the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee and the former U.S. Vice President to former President Barack Obama.

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According to Breitbart, video of one such instance where Biden used the N-word when quoting someone else already surfaced in June. Now again, video of him using the derogatory multiple times in one hearing has surfaced.

The Senate hearing series in which Biden repeatedly used the offensive term was when he was questioning William Reynolds, then-President Ronald Reagan’s assistant attorney general for civil rights. During this time, Reynolds was also under consideration for a promotion to become the next associate attorney general.

According to reports, in his conversation with Reynolds, Biden was asking him about his role in providing clearance for a redistricting plan in Louisiana that the courts later struck down.

A memo was submitted to Reynolds before he approved the redistricting plan and on that memo was a racist quote from someone described as a “key legislator” in defeating the alternative redistricting plan.

According this memo, that “key legislator”, then-Republican Rep. Charles Emile Bruneau of New Orleans, allegedly said he opposed the left’s desired redistricting plan for Louisiana in starkly terms and used the N-word more than once in his memo.

When Biden questioned Reynolds about this in the 1985 hearings, he repeatedly brought up this exact quote and kept using the N-word. According to the U.S. Senate transcripts from that hearing, Biden used the N-word for a total of 13 times. These hearings stretched over a couple of days.


According to the transcripts, the first instance occurred during the morning of June 4, 1985, when Biden used the offensive term twice. The again, on June 5th, Biden recited the derogatory term from the quote twice.

Some video that is circulating of the transcripts from those 1985 hearings has left out the context that includes proof Biden was not actually using the N-word himself, but instead quoting someone else (then Rep. Charles Emile) saying it.

The question remains, should a politician be using offensive terms whether they are quoting someone or not? Is this acceptable, or not? In another instance, Senator Bernie Williams of Vermont, faced questions last year over his use of the N-word in his book, Outsider in the House in 1997. He was questioned heavily from leftists and other Democrats on Twitter.

MSNBC’s Joey Reid has repeatedly argued that it is never acceptable for white men to use the N-word even when quoting someone else. Apparently she considers herself the moral authority on what’s right and wrong.

Biden is scheduled to appear on Reid’s new primetime program, The Reidout, in the near future. Right now, it is unclear if she will ask him about this.

Reid has been known to call out other politicians, including former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) when they have used the offensive term. Reid has a long history of being opposed to any white person using the N-word in any context, even if quoting someone else.  Which is, some might argue, ironically discriminatory in itself.

Back in 2016, during the presidential elections, Reid floated the possibility of a tape of President Donald Trump saying the racist term. This tape has never materialized despite the constant rumors from the media and the left.  But of course there were a lot of accusations that were made that never materialized.

Even though the rumored tape on President Trump never surfaced, Reid’s guest to debut her new primetime show is Joe Biden and as of now she has plenty of evidence of Biden using the term.

Just two weeks ago, Biden made a controversial, “you ain’t black” blunder, which caused widespread outrage. He told The Breakfast Club listeners:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, they you ain’t black.”

Putting the above quote in context, Biden was discussing undecided black voters who do not know whether to support him or President Donald Trump this November when he made the remark. According to the U.S. Sun, Biden said he should have not been so cavalier, but he insisted that he was not the only “wise guy” last week. He said:

“He was being a wise guy and I responded in kind. I shouldn’t have done that. It was a mistake.”

He reiterated that he would never, never take the black vote for granted and that:

“He has worked like the devil for it and have to earn it every time.”

Biden’s campaign has not responded to media and news outlets requests for comments.

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