New York Times all in with ANTIFA, condemning law and order as federal agents move in to protect people and property in Portland

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Image: New York Times all in with ANTIFA, condemning law and order as federal agents move in to protect people and property in Portland

(Natural News) Law and order be damned as the New York Times goes all in with domestic terror group ANTIFA and their Black Lives Matter cohort. The Times accused federal officers of being “fascists” as they tried to protect Portland from violent mobs, rioters, looters and murderers.

Over the past fifty days, police officers have been through hell in Portland. Trying to maintain law and order, police officers have been attacked with rocks, bottles and fireworks as domestic terrorists continue to wage their war on police and destroy property to violently take power and get what they want.

As federal property became threatened, the federal government had no choice but to step in and help, but the left-wing media, including the New York Times, was quick to label these officers as the “criminals” working for a fascist government.

NYT condemns law and order in Portland

The Times published: “To City’s Alarm, Federal Officers Police Portland — ‘It Feels Like Fascism’ — Accusations of Exceeding Their Authority and Violating Rights.” The subhead took another shot at law and order, decrying, “Local leaders believe the federal presence is making things worse.”

It turns out that the federal response is effective and has been able to stealthily subdue keys suspects, picking them out of the mobs and holding them accountable for their crimes. Governor Kate Brown, unable to contain the violence in her state, has called the federal response “a blatant abuse of power.”

For nearly two months, domestic terrorists have been the aggressors, taking power and abusing people, and yet the Oregon governor overlooks their continued lawlessness? The governor is the one abusing her own power, betraying the rule of law, as she sides with the domestic terror groups that pillage innocent lives.


Federal agents have adopted a more stealthy, safer strategy to maintain law and order

Federal agents and police officers have been subjected to doxxing. ANTIFA and BLM mobs publish the private contact information of law enforcement officers on the web so their families can be targeted and attacked. Federal agents have adapted to these attacks, arriving to crime scenes in camouflage gear and not revealing their names. The federal agents hit the streets of Portland guerilla-style, traveling in unmarked vans so they can follow and arrest criminals swiftly in the streets. The officers identify themselves by agency, but do not disclose their names so they do not become victims of doxxing or mob attacks.

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler called the federal response “an attack on our democracy” while turning a blind eye to the violent mob-style tactics that are actually destroying American democracy.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP), for example, reported that agents made an important arrest of a suspect who had assaulted federal authorities and damaged federal property. The suspect was taken from the streets stealthily and moved to a safer location for questioning. The federal agents are engaging in guerilla-style arrests to protect themselves and their families as they remove violent criminals from the streets. These tactics also prevent large scale altercations on the streets that put demonstrators, suspects, police and innocent bystanders at risk. In other words, federal authorities have adopted tactics that seek to minimize wide scale harm, while holding violent criminals accountable one at a time.

The New York Times should be down on the streets of Portland and other inner cities documenting the violence and abuses caused by ANTIFA and the BLM militants. In this way, law and order can be restored more effectively, not spat on and disrespected. The New York Times and the complicit left-wing media are practically promoting crime as left-wing mayors and governors play politics with people’s lives. Should these leaders be arrested, too?

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