The Associated Press is now insanely bigoted as news org begins to capitalize “black” but not “white” in racial descriptions

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Image: The Associated Press is now insanely bigoted as news org begins to capitalize “black” but not “white” in racial descriptions

(Natural News) Most people outside the world of journalism don’t know that there are industry standards for terms, spellings, titles, capitalizations, and so forth, and that The Associated Press is the arbiter of those standards.

Each year, the syndicator puts out an “AP Stylebook” which also contains briefings on media law and other things that are useful to working reporters and journalists.

In recent days, the AP made a major change to its previous standard for use of the race descriptor “black.” Whereas before, the newswire used a small ‘b’ when writing ‘black’ as it would describe “blacks” or someone ‘who is black,’ now — in the age of Left-wing cultural Marxism and revolution, the AP capitalizes the term.

It’s now “Black people” and “Black person” and the “Black” race. 

Meanwhile, the descriptor ‘white’ for Caucasian people remains lower-cased. It’s ‘whites,’ not “Whites.” 


According to The Daily Caller: 

The AP said a statement about the change that white people have a less distinct culture than do black people, and that whites don’t have the experience of discrimination based on skin color.

“White people generally do not share the same history and culture, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color,” said the newswire’s vice president for standards John Daniszewski.

However, “people who are Black have strong historical and cultural commonalities, even if they are from different parts of the world and even if they now live in different parts of the world. That includes the shared experience of discrimination due solely to the color of one’s skin.”


Meanwhile, it’s ‘Blacks’ and ‘Hispanics’ and ‘Asians’ and ‘Latinos’ and ‘Native Americans’…and ‘whites.’ 

Oh, Daniszewski explained that too. You see, white supremacists often capitalize ‘White’ so the AP can’t be a part of that.

Even though the actual number of bona fide white supremacists in America would probably all fit in a couple of football stadiums.

If that isn’t the most blatant form of racism you can get, then there is no such thing.

“We agree that white people’s skin color plays into systemic inequalities and injustices, and we want our journalism to robustly explore these problems,” Daniszewski said. “But capitalizing the term white, as is done by white supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.”

Unbelievable. Now, a capitalization is white supremacy. 

That is so dumb it will cost you brain cells you’ll never get back if you contemplate it for long.

The AP’s decision wasn’t all well-received, even by another group that, by its very name and purpose for existence, is racist. The Daily Caller said that the AP’s change to “Black” but not “White” was panned by The National Association of Black Journalists.

The uber-woke New York Times made the decision to change to ‘Black’ earlier this month, and for the same stupid, blatantly racist reason. (Related: Now SAT testing is “racist” because being intelligent is discriminatory, but being STUPID is perfectly fine with the crybullies.)

“It seems like such a minor change, black versus Black,” The Times’s national editor Marc Lacey noted in a statement to the public. “But for many people the capitalization of that one letter is the difference between a color and a culture.”

And that’s another thing: What’s this business that white people don’t have their own culture? Seriously? There is no white culture — or at least not enough of one to merit a capitalization of ‘white.’

That’s absurd on its face (and racist). Since the vast majority of the country for the entire time of our existence has been white, it seems grotesquely inaccurate to now state that there is no such thing as white culture. 

This change is nothing more than the latest attempt by the hopelessly Left-wing media to further divide Americans by race, culture, socioeconomic status, heritage and everything else they can find. 

If the cancel culture is really against racism, it should call for bans of the AP and The New York Times.

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