Confirmed: Facebook complicit in Black Lives Matter terrorists organizing criminal attacks on innocent people

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Image: Confirmed: Facebook complicit in Black Lives Matter terrorists organizing criminal attacks on innocent people

(Natural News) The recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot and shooting that occurred in Provo, Utah, was made possible by none other than Facebook, which reportedly facilitated the mob in organizing the terrorist acts that took place on that dreadful day.

Far Left Watch has uncovered solid evidence proving that this latest “protest,” which resulted in an innocent person being shot while inside a vehicle, was organized by a violent Antifa cell that still has a “group” presence on Facebook, despite its known inclinations towards terrorism.

In the official event description that it posted to Facebook, the “Salt Lake City Antifascist Coalition,” as it calls itself, included a violent quote from Malcolm X insinuating that sometimes it is necessary to take up arms in order to accomplish one’s agenda.

“Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down,” it read, following by instructions to “protesters” to “wear all black,” “wear masks,” and “wear protective eye gear.”

All of this taken in context clearly indicates the true agenda behind this “protest:” to cause as much trouble as possible while remaining anonymous with black garb and veiled faces.

Were this same event to have been posted by a conservative group with the same quote and instructions, Facebook more than likely would have flagged it for “hate” and “violence.” But because it was Antifa and BLM, Facebook allowed it to persist, resulting in serious injury to at least one individual, as well as lots of property destruction.


“… one of these so-called ‘anti-fascists’ drew a pistol and fired multiple rounds into the window of the car,” Far Left Watch reports. “Fortunately, local law enforcement is taking this shooting very seriously and the shooter has been identified and charged.”

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talked more about this horrific incident during a recent segment of The Health Ranger Report, which is available below:

It’s time to sue Facebook for facilitating terrorist violence against Americans

Since Facebook seems to have no problem whatsoever censoring conservatives for things like disagreeing with the LGBTQ agenda, it is appalling that the platform does not feel the same urgency in prioritizing the removal of content and groups that actively foment violence.

Keep in mind that Jesse Taggart, the 33-year-old terrorist who was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated murder, aggravated assault, rioting, and firing a weapon near a highway is a known agitator with an extensive social media history of supporting extremist behavior in association with BLM.

Not only was Taggart involved in trying to murder a motorist, but he also helped set up the illegal roadblock that trapped this motorist and others in the middle of the street, making them open game for Taggart and his fellow BLM terrorists.

The victim, by the way, is a 60-year-old man who is currently being treated at an area hospital for his injuries. Authorities have not released his identity, however, John Geyerman, deputy chief of the Provo Police Department, issued a statement outlining Taggart’s alleged crimes.

“The male protester ran toward the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver, and shot one round through the window,” Geyerman is quoted as saying. “The driver, who was struck by the bullet, accelerated, trying to leave the situation. The same protester ran after the vehicle and fired a second shot that went through the rear passenger window.”

Facebook as a complicit party in this violence also deserves to be sued, and our hope is that the victim and his family pursue justice against this far-left social media platform.

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