The totalitarianism of Antifa and BLM – will we confront it?

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Image: The totalitarianism of Antifa and BLM – will we confront it?

(Natural News) Like many people, I have been thankful for Donald Trump’s efforts to bring back jobs lost to the globalist trade policies of his predecessors. He is the first president we have had in a long time who actually cares about common working people. This is more than can be said for Bush, Clinton and Obama, who were indifferent to the damage done to America’s middle class by policies that benefited only America’s elite and the businessmen and workers in foreign countries.

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We can also be thankful for Trump’s attempts to reduce the federal bureaucracy and its creeping tyranny, as well as for his strengthening America’s relationships with Israel and his strong pro-life stance. Further proof of his merit is in the rage he has provoked on the left. Their deep hatred for Trump’s patriotism, his qualities of leadership, and even for traditional America and the free-market system have prevented his opponents from working together with our president for the benefit of society as a whole.

Now, however, all that Trump has been able to accomplish in the past and what he might accomplish in the future are being jeopardized by recent developments following the death of George Floyd. That killing has triggered a nationwide outbreak of looting, rioting and social chaos that goes far beyond mere protesting against injustice, and is becoming a threat to the very existence of civilized society. If unopposed, it has the potential to become a threat to the existence of our nation itself.


The BLM people and their white leftist allies want to do more than just remove statues or loot some stores. They are aiming at a Marxist transformation of the United States. This has been done elsewhere: in China by Mao, in Russia by Lenin, by Castro in Cuba and in Cambodia by Pol Pot. It involves the simple but effective strategy of finding any injustice or source of discontent (which is not hard to do in this fallen and sinful world) and using it to inflame violence and destabilize society. Once the ruling powers have been brought down or sufficiently weakened, the shining apostles of “justice” and “fairness” can climb out of the ruins and seize power for themselves. Invariably, they create new injustices far worse than those they so cleverly exploited. Yes, it can happen here.

It seems hard to believe that people can be so cunning and devious with their long-range schemes for power, but that is what extreme leftists have done before and are doing now. What is really surprising, though, is the complete weakness of the response. Allowing people to rampage freely and then trying to arrest some of them after the fact will not restore the order this country so badly needs, nor will it prevent further mobs from indulging their criminal impulses at the slightest provocation, anywhere, any time.

If this is not stopped by force, by lethal force if necessary, it will go on and on. There is no appeasing the violent revolutionaries and criminals who exploit real problems for their own selfish advantage. Professing concern for black lives and racism is only a political tactic. Black lives lost due to black-on-black crime, drugs, or abortion mean nothing. The ultimate goal, as one BLM activist said, is to restructure all of society – eliminate the nuclear family and the patriarchy, capitalism and income inequality. This means destroying the rich, with unsurprising consequences for the whole of the economy.

Ideally, the heads of Antifa and BLM should be arrested for treason and their funding cut off. Police officers and soldiers in the United States National Guard should be allowed to defend themselves to the limit if directly attacked or assaulted, and looters and rioters who attack police, firemen or other defenders of the public order should find that that is a dangerous thing to do. Should some rioting and looting anarchists and criminals – not honest protesters – be shot in the line of duty, the media would scream bloody murder, and more violence would result – but have we reached the point where we as a society cannot even defend ourselves from the lawless?

This weakness in the face of direct threats is the result of a deep moral and spiritual cancer that has been spreading for years. The strength of character necessary to oppose fascists and criminals who fight racial injustice by looting and burning doesn’t seem to exist. Trump has been a great businessman, but he has failed to rally his supporters by presenting a clear and compelling analysis of the danger, and has failed to use just and necessary force.

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