Boston mayor gives green light to remove Lincoln statue, even though he FREED slaves

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Image: Boston mayor gives green light to remove Lincoln statue, even though he FREED slaves

(Natural News) As statues of alleged “racists” come crashing down all across America, there is one unlikely historical figure who is also being targeted for removal: Abraham Lincoln.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat, says he would love to see the image of Lincoln that has stood tall in the city’s Park Square for nearly 150 years be torn down because it is an “offensive” reminder of the slave trade.

Even though Lincoln freed the slaves, he lived at a time when people, both white and black, owned slaves. Thus, his stone and metal replica must be demolished because it causes some people to feel pain every time they see it, according to Walsh.

The statue’s depiction of an emancipated slave is also “offensive,” according to Walsh and other left-wingers who are trying to abolish history. Again, even though the slave in the statue was freed, Democrats hate seeing it which means it has to go.

“The statue has stood there since 1879 and is a replica of an original statue built with funds contributed by freed slaves,” notes Breitbart News, emphasizing that freed black slaves paid for the original sculpture to be crafted in celebration of their emancipation.

So, while historical blacks wanted this statue to exist as a reminder of their freedom, white liberals like Walsh want to see it torn down because, in Walsh’s own words, he “recognizes equality.”

The same thing is happening to the legacy of George Washington, by the way, America’s first president whom leftist claim was an oppressive racist.


The whole thing makes no rational sense, and merely feeds into what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, describes as a “Black Lives Bullies” phenomenon. Listen to the following episode of The Health Ranger Report to learn more:

Walsh opposes renaming Faneuil Hall, though, even though it was named after a slave owner who sold slaves there

Meanwhile, the nearby Faneuil Hall, which was named after a slave owner and was the site of a famous slave market, should not be renamed because Walsh does not find its name to be offensive.

When asked why Walsh would want to tear down the Lincoln statue while keeping Faneuil Hall as is, his office responded with: “The Mayor is always open to having a conversation, but he remains opposed to changing the name of Faneuil Hall.”

As NPR reported back in 2018, Faneuil Hall was a meeting place for revolutionaries and abolitionists all throughout history. Frederick Douglass, as one prominent example, actually spoke there.

“But it’s also a relic of the slave trade in Boston,” NPR further noted. “Peter Faneuil was a merchant who made money off slavery and owned slaves himself. Slaves were bought and sold right next to what is now Faneuil Hall.”

Around the time when NPR reported this about Faneuil Hall, Walsh indicated that he was in support of building a “memorial” to slavery on the property. An artist by the name of Steve Locke had initially proposed it, but later withdrew this proposal after being accused of representing “the ‘house negro’ pawn of a white mayor.'”

Breitbart News reportedly tried to reach out to Walsh for comment about this other controversy, but did not receive a response by the time its story was submitted for publication.

“I find left-wing activists very offensive. Can we have them removed please?” joked one commenter.

“The Lincoln statue is just an inanimate piece of carved stone mainly,” wrote another.

“But those thousands of blacks in Boston are the PRINCIPALS who are keeping alive with respect the names of Slave holders that the Boston Mayor wants to get rid of.”

More related news about the liberal obsession with ripping down historical monuments, including those that celebrate black emancipation, is available at

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