Nolte: An affluent, White liberal case study in how anti-police panic can’t last

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Image: Nolte: An affluent, White liberal case study in how anti-police panic can’t last

(Natural News) Anyone worried about this anti-police madness somehow taking hold need only look at Powderhorn Park, Minnesota, where a bunch of affluent, white leftist women have agreed to not involve the police in property crimes, and that includes getting car-jacked by armed thugs.

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The far-left New York Times reports that what had been a clean and safe neighborhood, an enclave of activist leftists located just a few blocks from where George Floyd died while in police custody, has quickly fallen apart in just a few weeks.

The residents are now stressed, worried for their own safety, but are still desperately trying to make it work.

“Two weeks ago, dozens of multicolored tents appeared in the neighborhood park… The multiracial group of roughly 300 new residents seems to grow larger and more entrenched every day,” according to the Times.

And with the homeless comes all the problems associated with the homeless, including “heavy car traffic into the neighborhood, some from drug dealers.”

There have already been two overdoses in the encampment, and that encampment was once a leafy park where everyone felt safe.

“I’m not being judgmental,” one woman told the Times, but she no longer allows her young children to play in the park. “It’s not personal. It’s just not safe.”

One woman said she stopped walking her dog through the park because the catcalls are so humiliating and now her “emotions change every 30 seconds.”

When one resident found a man passed out in the elevator of his apartment building, he tried calling a “community activist but she did not pick up.” He ended up calling a cop, who he then criticized for kicking the guy out, even though the cop offered to take the vagrant to a hospital.


After he was carjacked at gunpoint by two black teens, one Powderhorn Park resident called the police, an act he later came to regret.

“Been thinking more about it,” he told the Times. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

The bottom line, though, is this:

The influx of outsiders has kept Ms. Albers awake at night. Though it is unlikely to happen, she has had visions of people from the tent camp forcing their way into her home. She imagines using a baseball bat to defend herself.

Not being able to call the police, as she has done for decades, has shaken her.

“I am afraid,” she said. “I know my neighbors are around, but I’m not feeling grounded in my city at all. Anything could happen.”

And she’s not the only one:

Angelina Roslik burst into tears, explaining that she had spent the past four years fleeing unstable housing conditions and was struggling more than she cared to admit with the chaos the camp had brought into the neighborhood.


[M]any in the neighborhood, who were already beleaguered from the financial stresses of the coronavirus, now say they are eager for the campers to move on to stable housing away from the park.

So what you have here are the dumbest and most toxic members of our society — white, leftist women — who have decided to put into practice this abolish the police madness, and after only a few weeks everything’s gone to shit, and they’re all miserable.

If this group of lunatics are at a breaking point, a group of lunatics that include a woman who attended classes to “challenge her own [white] privileges” and who “came to see her decision to buy a home in the neighborhood as potentially preventing a person of color from doing so,” how do you think this is going to play out where people are normal?

Human beings can get used to anything except constant disruption, stress, and change.

You can take everything away from a rich man, force him to living in a boarding house and work a menial labor job, and eventually he’ll be able to deal with it. Eventually, he’ll come to terms with the situation, work out a comfortable routine, and see his single room as a refuge…  It is amazing how human beings are able to adapt. What we cannot adapt to, though, is constantly worrying about and stressing over our own personal safety, the disruption of property damage, and the constant anxiety that comes with your environment spiraling out of control.

And with these women, you have to add the stress that comes from realizing your lifelong political beliefs are a joke.

A big deal the Times fails to touch on — and this is probably deliberate — is crashing property values.

How many Powderhorn Park  residents saw their homes as their future? How many invested everything into their homes — not just the purchase, but renovations and landscaping? Look at how quickly that investment dropped to zero. Those homes are worthless now. No one’s going to purchase property in a neighborhood plagued with hundreds of homeless, where no one calls the cops, where the criminals now know they can pretty much get away with anything.

Sadly, everything  Powderhorn Park is dealing with was predictable to anyone who knows anything about the real world.

What’s also predictable is how things are going to get infinitely worse. Someone’s going to get raped, someone’s going to get killed, someone’s going to suffer a home invasion…

The bottom line is people, even these idiots, will only stand for this for so long before they are either forced to flee, give up and get those police cruisers patrolling again, or are hurt themselves.

Hopefully, it won’t come to someone getting hurt, but it will unless they come to terms with the stupidity of their beliefs.

Reality is reality. Same with these schools defunding cops. Eventually, the reality becomes so dangerous, you have no choice but to acknowledge it.

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