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(Natural News) This is a nation in open rebellion. Cities refuse to co-operate with federal agencies pursuing criminals. Cities and states refuse to engage looters and rioters on their streets. The mayors of these cities and governors of these states allow communist organizations to occupy territory on U.S. soil, making their political alliances obvious. Major media outlets report these occupations as “street fairs” even when those who have taken the territory rankle at the description of their occupation. They are proud of what they have done without resistance. Cities have become autonomous through sheer declaration and friendly judges.

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None of this would have been foreseen even a few months ago, but it is the reality of the nation we live in, today. Add to that the same mayors and governors who refuse to act to protect their cities impose draconian “stay at home” orders on the law-abiding population, who, generally, accept these orders and comply. A great many U.S. citizens will comply with anything. They have lost the lust for freedom, the demand for liberty. They seek to placate their persecutors and appear reasonable on Twitter and Facebook when the demands of the mob and the government have become completely unreasonable.

Communist organizations form as tax-exempt 501 (c) 3, or get some like-minded tax-exempt organization to collect their money. They are tax-exempt while formulating revolution, paying soldiers, organizing protests and riots to use as cover for more serious actions. They distribute that money to other radical organizations willing to take part in the chaos.


People are bullied off of social media, lose their jobs and are occasionally assaulted for their off-hand comments that once upon a time in America, was the normal means of discourse. Offensive things were often said, countered, argued out and a resolution arrived at, but the last thing these overlords want is resolution. It is a necessary chaos.

My pastor asked me last weekend what I thought of the 2020 election. I told him I didn’t think it would ever be legitimate. A straight up vote for one candidate or the other is not possible in a nation where military leaders come out publicly against a sitting president. Where the media is a constant stream of lies and defamations. Where riots can be turned off and on like a tap by well-funded organizations with the listed and express purpose of turning the United States of America into a smoking hole upon which to coax their communist phoenix.

The Supreme Court is a joke told over two hundred plus years and only now getting ridiculous enough to inspire laughter. There is no way to obtain peace, security or justice. That is not the future, not here, not in a land where coups are organized at the highest levels of federal law enforcement. One really needs to read Shakespeare to get an understanding of the intrigue that is taking place in the United States. We are standing on the brink of a combination of the French Revolution and the Haiti massacre of 1804. The only thing that will stop it now is armed resistance.

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