YES, it’s communism we face, and the revolutionary playbook is unfolding right on schedule

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Image: YES, it’s communism we face, and the revolutionary playbook is unfolding right on schedule

(Natural News) One of the primary ways to psychologically manipulate a nation into accepting communism is to divide people into classes and motivate these groups to prioritize their group identity over their individual freedom.

With individual freedom there comes opportunity, risk and personal responsibility that yields both consequence and reward. Freedom itself is the fairest concept, allowing each person to forge their own path, with various results. But there’s no guarantee of fairness in the result of our decisions, and there’s definitely no equality in the trajectory of our personal reactions, associations and beliefs.

In the inevitable disappointment and grief, we can choose to be a victim of circumstance, a victim of another group, or a victim of “systemic oppression,” an idea that has been planted in our minds. In this victim mentality, we cling to group oppression identity, pointing the finger. Collectivism is the practice of giving a group priority over each individual in it. If we choose to be a victim and succumb to this construct of collectivism, we invite the tentacles of communistic control to coddle us, to ultimately sink in and suck out the very essence of our soul.

The dangers of collectivism are manifesting in America

Once people are divided into classes and made to feel oppressed or unequal, they can then be motivated to political action. This group oppression identity, promoted so well by politicians, can be packaged by race, gender, age, socioeconomic class, and so forth. Collectivism is further metastasized by imparting feelings of oppression and unfairness, and is sold as a recruitment tool to divide us into groups and conquer us with more state control.


When political parties try to advance collectivism, they do so only to sow more communist control over our lives. When politicians talk about racial inequality and gender inequality, they use group identity to affront individual freedom and promote more government intervention. By succumbing to collectivism, you give away personal responsibility and personal freedom for mere group identity, which locks you down, ball and chain, to an ideology of control.

The antidote to collectivism is liberty and the fundamental respect of an individual’s rights. The cure for collectivism is free will of the individual – a blameless blank slate of American opportunity. It’s the reason why so many immigrants risked their lives to cross the Atlantic sea. They arrived with their own hands and feet and the promise of American freedom and opportunity.

The result of American freedom and opportunity is never fair – but in its decree is a life of merit, and the right of individual self determination, to freely think, associate, believe, speak, produce, and pursue one’s unique purpose.

As politicians clap for Black Lives Matter and stand by as the Left destructs cities, they promote nothing more than group oppression identity that is being used to recruit an oppressed class that furiously destabilizes the rule of law and dictates through egalitarianism and social authority. This is how communism invades a country psychologically; this is how people are divided and conquered; and this is how individual freedom is replaced with absolute government control over our labor, our speech, and our autonomy to pursue our own path.

The present insurrection of our ideas and values in America is ignored because the “oppressed” classes have been groomed, coddled, praised and given the moral high ground to seek reparations and social justice. As the country is destabilized by this ugly form of victim-mentality, racially-motivated collectivism, the rule of law and the integrity of individual freedom become broken glass under the feet of an angry, violent mob. Across the country, many good people stand by as everything they once stood for, physical and ideological, is burned.

YES, it’s communism we face, and the revolutionary playbook is unfolding right on schedule.

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