This country is done! Prepare for the most brutal war this world has ever seen

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Image: This country is done! Prepare for the most brutal war this world has ever seen

(Natural News) My wife one day last week said to me, “You need to write something about all this insanity going on in the world. This just isn’t right.” My response to her was, “What good will writing do? The time for talk is over.”

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I have had so many things that I have wanted to say about things that are going on but the situation in this country changes from hour to hour. By the time I finish writing this another insane situation is likely to have happened in this country.

We are under attack. This Civil War/Revolution/Communist takeover is well under way. We are getting punched in the face on a daily basis and it seems all we can do is talk.

This country held three funerals for a thug who was murdered by a police officer. Yet for the last few months, people have not been allowed to be with their dying relatives. They have not been allowed to attend funerals. But this episode fits their agenda so it’s ok?

Six city blocks and a police department have been violently taken over in the city of Seattle and the media is cool with it calling it a peaceful festival. How do you think that would fly if some good ole boys took over a city and tried restoring the Constitution?

We have Governors picking and choosing winners and losers for business and people’s livelihood. Marxist across the country are erasing our history as statues fall across the nation. The list could go on and on with the offences against us.

We know who the enemy is. Sides are being chosen. I hope you choose wisely.  We the People are the enemy of this deep state establishment and they aim to eradicate us. These attacks on us and our way of living will never end. It will never end. They will always hate us. Always. Nothing you can do will change that. Nothing. But more importantly they will never accept us. They will not accept our views of the world, our ideals, our guns and our religions. We are a very different people from these commies on the left and those who would like to see this country fall. We value the individual. We value free thought, free speech, free religion, we value freedom. They hate us for it. They aim to rule us, and we will not be ruled by them. They will never give up their quest to implement socialism/communism. They never quit and they’ll never stop. We the People are the enemy.

It’s sad that it has come to this here in the ”land of the free.” But we are no longer free. We are going to have to fight for the freedom that we each want. This great experiment called America has been pissed away and we are going to have to fight for our children and grandchildren futures. This burden should not be passed onto them.

History it seems has a way of repeating. It’s a damn shame.

I really don’t know what else to say. I apologize for not writing anything lately. I feel as though over the last ever how many years I have said all that can be said but I keep getting drawn back to give a voice to those who are afraid or unwilling to speak out.

This country is done! Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.


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