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Image: Minnesota man charged with participating in the ARSON ATTACK on Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct

(Natural News) Branden Michael Wolfe, 23, has been arrested and federally charged with aiding and abetting the arson attack on Minneapolis’ 3rd precinct on the night of May 28, the first night of the engineered riots in the city. Wolfe was arrested on June 3 in neighboring St. Paul, where he lives, after a 911 caller alerted law enforcement to a person wearing body armor attempting to break into a home improvement shop.

Police officers found Wolfe in a vehicle several blocks from the store. He was wearing body armor with his name handwritten on a piece of duct tape on the back and he was carrying a police-issue duty belt that had handcuffs, a baton, a knife and an earpiece.

On May 28, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) abandoned their 3rd Precinct as the rioters breached the perimeter of the building. As soon as the MPD left, people started streaming into the building, setting things on fire and destroying valuable police equipment. Investigators who examined the wreckage later commented that multiple separate fires had been set in the precinct.

Wolfe agreed to speak to police officers without a lawyer. During his interrogation, he admitted to being inside the 3rd Precinct on the night it caught on fire. He admitted to stealing property from the building and to pushing a wooden barrel into an already-existing fire, knowing fully well that it would only fuel the flame.

Investigators pieced together Wolfe’s admission of guilt with evidence found at the remains of the 3rd Precinct, such as a photograph of a wooden barrel and charred barrel rings near where the barrel was last seen.

When presented with photographs from the night of the arson attack, Wolfe identified himself as a shirtless individual in several of them. In one of the photos, he was even holding a police baton, presumably stolen from the precinct. Wolfe was even fired from his job as a security guard after photos of him stealing items from the 3rd Precinct circulated on social media.

The investigators also found several stolen items in Wolfe’s apartment, including a police radio, a pistol magazine, a riot helmet and a police-issue overdose kit.

Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he discusses how the Antifa rioters and looters are turning into a new class of untouchables who are never required to abide by any of America’s laws.

Mayor Frey defends decision to abandon 3rd precinct to Antifa

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, has defended his office’s decision to abandon the 3rd Precinct. In an interview with WCCO, Frey said that holding onto the 3rd Precinct would have resulted in even more deaths.

“If we decided to continue to hold the 3rd Precinct there very likely would have been hand-to-hand combat, likely serious injury and maybe death, and in the decision between a building and life-or-death, we decided to evacuate.”

Frey’s abandonment of the 3rd Precinct resulted in its destruction at the hands of Antifa rioters. (Related: 3 Rioters in Gwinnett County, Georgia arrested for STALKING police officers and attempting to set their patrol cars on fire.)

Frey further justified his actions by stating that Minneapolis’ officers were stretched too thin and were at their breaking point. He recalls getting a call from MPD Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo on the night the 3rd Precinct burned down. During the call, Chief Arradondo begged the mayor to call in the Minnesota National Guard, a request that Frey acceded to. However, it took two days before the Guard could arrive at Minneapolis.

Minnesota Democratic governor Tim Walz has also criticized Frey, putting the blame on the rioting solely on him, to which the mayor responded by saying that it is improper to be pointing fingers during a crisis.

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