Full video now released: How to make your own colloidal silver using silver coins, step by step

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Image: Full video now released: How to make your own colloidal silver using silver coins, step by step

(Natural News) We’ve been teasing about this how-to video for several weeks. Now it’s here: Full step-by-step instructions and a demonstration of how to make your own colloidal silver using standard silver coins.

This means you can now stockpile silver coins as both a store of real wealth and as potential to create natural medicine… at the same time!

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Making colloidal silver out of silver coins is vastly superior to using silver wire because the coins have far more surface area. Thus, the reaction is much faster while still maintaining very small particle size (or silver ions) due to the electrical current potential being distributed across the entire surface of the coins. Silver wire is a poor choice for making silver solutions, it turns out.

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What’s the usefulness of making your own colloidal silver?

The primary benefit of making colloidal silver is to piss off the FDA. Make it because you can. Secondary applications include making your own hand sanitizer, gargle, nasal spray, wound gels, burn bandage sprays, etc. Personally, I make gallons of this at home and use it to spray down my chicken brooders, hatcheries and nesting areas. This greatly reduces infections and mold spores. Rural Texans use silver solutions to treat infections in their farm animals, including eye infections, by the way.

We tested the solution in our lab to determine the precise elemental composition

Even more exciting is the fact that we lab-tested the resulting colloidal silver water via ICP-MS, in my private laboratory. So we know the actual elemental composition of the finished product when using standard silver eagles from the U.S. mint.

That composition, based on under 10 minutes of generating time using the instructions in the video:

Silver = 36,000 ppb (36 ppm)
Zinc = 750 ppb
Iron = 399 ppb
Aluminum = 252 ppb
Magnesium = 229 ppb
Selenium = 72 ppb
Nickel = 52 ppb
Copper = 25 ppb
Arsenic = 3 ppb
Lead, Mercury and Cadmium = 0 ppb

(Note: ppb = parts per billion = nanograms per milliliter = ng/ml)

In other words, the composition of the resulting liquid is largely nutritive minerals, with very low concentrations of anything concerning. The only concerning item is aluminum, at 252 ppb, which is a tiny fraction of the levels often seen in other supplements, by the way. Aluminum can also be removed from your body by consuming silicon in the form of Orthosilicic Acid (OSA), which is found naturally in horsetail herb. We are not currently recommending this solution for internal ingestion, by the way.

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Supplies you’ll need to make colloidal silver out of silver coins

Here’s a quick rundown of the supplies you’ll need to make this yourself:

  • Distilled or deionized water (you can use collected rainwater in a pinch, as its distilled by nature)
  • Three 9V batteries (which creates 27V in series)
  • Two silver coins (US Mint, 99.9% purity is the standard)
  • Two clothespins
  • Two pieces of rigid wire that can be cut from a metal wire clotheshanger
  • Two alligator clip wires that can connect the battery terminals to the silver coins
  • A container to hold the water
  • A tiny amount of baking soda to provide some small amount of conductivity to the water just to get the reaction started (this is literally less than a “pinch” of baking soda. Do not use salt, or you will end up creating silver chloride, which is useless).
  • (Optional) A very small aquarium bubbler to create agitation in the water. This is not necessary for short runs.
  • (Optional) A laser pointer to check the colloidal silver concentration

Watch the full video to see the complete steps:


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Important tips for getting the right concentration of silver ions and small nanoparticles

Don’t over-do the silver generating. If you apply electricity for too long, you’ll start to see “clouds” of silver particles in the water. If you see clouds, you’ve gone too far. Stop.

Clouds are large nanoparticles, actually. It shows that you’re way beyond the ionic silver stage and you’re creating large silver clusters, which is undesirable. (Smaller silver particles are more effective.)

Another great way to tell what you’ve actually created is to take your resulting colloidal silver liquid and put it in a dark container for 10 days. If after 10 days, it’s still completely clear with no discoloration, it’s ionic silver. But if it has turned even slightly yellowish, then it contains more nanoparticle silver (larger clusters). If the water turns brown, then you’ve got way too high a concentration of large nanoclusters. This is useless for your purposes, so back off the reaction next time and keep the particle sizes small.

Never store colloidal silver anywhere that light can reach it. Over time, light will turn the entire thing into a gray liquid of silver nanoparticles, which is a lot less useful than ionic silver.

Remember, the longer you apply electricity, the larger the particle size gets and the higher the silver concentration becomes. Keep the application times short so that you’re creating primarily ionic silver, with only a few nanoparticles. And don’t use too much baking soda, or your reaction will start out way too strong, creating large silver clusters which will turn the water yellow or brown.

Never let the two silver coins touch, obviously. Also, the farther you have them apart, the slower the reaction will be. The closer together, the faster. You can use a TDS water meter to track the concentration of the silver as you’re making it.

We don’t currently recommend that you drink this solution, because doing so would piss off the FTC, and we wouldn’t want that. We currently only recommend using this topically or to help sanitize surfaces, farm animal areas, dog beds, etc. If you choose to drink this, you do so at your own risk. According to the lying lamestream media, if you drink just one drop of ionic silver, you will be instantly transformed into a solid blue Smurf. I tried that myself, hoping it would work, but it didn’t. Dang… guess I’ll have to go through life as a white boy instead.

Happy silver generating! Also check out ColloidalSilver.news for more news.

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