There’s been a total communist infiltration of Twitter

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Image: There’s been a total communist infiltration of Twitter

(Natural News) To keep Chinese dissidents from telling the truth about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) online, Twitter recently hired a Chinese-American artificial intelligence (AI) expert by the name of Li Fei-Fei to police the social media platform.

In a press release, Twitter informed the public that Li is now the “new independent director” of the company’s board, effectively immediately. And right after she was installed, numerous accounts of Chinese dissidents simply disappeared, suggesting that the communist takeover of Twitter is just about complete.

Prior to working for Twitter, Li worked at Google. But she quit that company in 2018 after leaked emails showed that she had been covering for Google’s “Project Maven,” a Department of Defense (DOD) machine learning program that actively gathers “intelligence” from user data in order to provide targets for military drones.

Rather than express her own concerns about the serious privacy breaches associated with Project Maven, Li was more concerned with how leaked information about the program might taint Google’s public image.

While at Google, Li similarly expressed no concerns about the duly controversial Project Dragonfly program, which involves altering search engine results in communist China to curb the information that Chinese people are legally allowed to access there.

Rather than champion free speech, in other words, Li was an active communist asset within Google, and has since taken her communist expertise over to Twitter where censorship is likewise problematic.


In addition to infiltrating these two American companies with her communist agenda, Li also helped set up a new Google AI research facility in Beijing. And while speaking to the media about its opening, Li used the CCP slogan that she would “stay true to our founding mission,” adding that “China has awakened.”

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Li Fei-Fei also tied to communist student association

According to Radio Free Asia, Li also has ties to a student association that is supposedly affiliated with the CCP’s “United Front.” This suggests that she could be involved in teaching the next generation of young people the same communist methodologies that she helped implement at Google, and now at Twitter.

One writer who was targeted by Twitter almost immediately after Li was hired onto its board says that Li is an actual member of this student association, which is also tied to “Second Generation” and “Third-Generation Reds,” two other communist movements.

This writer, along with several others, have expressed criticism towards Li in the past, which probably explains why they were specifically singled out for silencing. One of these other writers, French-based Chinese dissident Wang Longmeng, wrote that Li’s communist background:

“… was undoubtedly related to Li Feifei’s appointment as a director, because criticism and negative information were banned, which is Beijing characteristic.”

This same individual stated, chillingly, that Twitter was quickly “dyed red” – red referring to communism – right after Li was brought on board.

News about Li’s appointment at Twitter has so disturbed those who know her communist background that a petition is now circulating that calls for a full investigation into “Twitter’s violation of freedom of speech.” The creator of this petition says that Twitter is actively suppressing all criticism of the CCP and suspending dissident accounts, even as pro-Beijing accounts remain untouched.

Because Li continues to have “close ties with top leaders of the CCP,” she does not belong at Twitter, this petition says. “Twitter’s violation of freedom of speech, and on Dr. FeiFei Li’s collaborations with the CCP, (represent) a threat to national security,” it goes on to warn.

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