CORRUPTION and GREED: Trump’s vaccine czar raking in millions in stock profits following public relations propaganda claiming coronavirus vaccine research progress

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Image: CORRUPTION and GREED: Trump’s vaccine czar raking in millions in stock profits following public relations propaganda claiming coronavirus vaccine research progress

(Natural News) After previously backing away from vaccines as the “cure all” for America’s pandemic woes, President Trump is now back to pushing a coronavirus vaccine being created by Moderna, and he now absurdly claims this vaccine will save the U.S. economy.

Even more disturbingly, Trump’s own “vaccine czar,” a former executive of the criminal felon corporation GlaxoSmithKline — which admitted to high-level felony crimes and a massive, nationwide bribery scheme — is now cashing in with millions of dollars in stock valuation profits after Moderna released some public relations propaganda about its vaccine trials, which are only in phase 1 and only involved 8 participants. (We previously reported the trial involved 45 patients but have since learned it was only 8.)

Since none of those 8 people died yet, Trump is now convinced Moderna’s vaccine will save the world. added to the propaganda, absurdly claiming the vaccine, “was also shown to be safe and well-tolerated.” Breitbart doesn’t seem to realize that phase 1 trials involving only 8 people cannot possibly establish that the vaccine is “safe.” So since 8 people didn’t die in a few days, Breitbart thinks the vaccine is ready to inject into billions of people with unknown long-term consequences? This is why you have to be careful following reporting from pro-Trump publishers who are desperate to catapult good news but don’t know how medicine works. By Breitbart’s standards, crack cocaine also works great because it gives you incredible energy during the phase 1 trials, and all the trial subjects reported feeling awesome. Anyone who thinks the “economy” is going to bounce back from 36 million people being unemployed — most of whom are being paid to stay unemployed — is smoking crack, by the way.

The phase 1 trial has only sought to determine whether the vaccine injection produces antibodies. It hasn’t subjected people to real-world exposure to the rapidly mutating Wuhan coronavirus, which alters its genetic structure so frequently that it might render all vaccines obsolete the day they are approved. There might never be a vaccine that works against the Wuhan coronavirus, just like there was never a vaccine that could be developed against SAR-CoV-1.

Trump’s vaccine czar rakes in millions as the propaganda push is unleashed

Following the propaganda release, the stock price of Moderna soared 34% on Monday, pouring $3.4 million into the pockets of Moncef Slaoui, Trumps vaccine czar, reports NY Daily News:

The stock spike temporarily added at least $3.4 million to the bottom line of Moncef Slaoui, the just-named vaccine czar who was on the board of Moderna until his appointment.

Slaoui, a veteran Big Pharma exec, holds 156,000 stock options that increased in value by more than $3 million on the Monday morning news.

Talk about corruption… why does Trump have a former Moderna board member and GSK executive running his “vaccine czar” operation that looks set to try to push mandatory vaccines across America in order to enrich Big Pharma and keep the coronavirus pandemic going?

Trump has now characterized the Moderna vaccine trial results as “staggeringly good.” His exact quote:

You’re seeing it maybe today for the first time where not only are the markets up tremendously, but we’ve had tremendous, tremendously good and positive information on therapeutics, on cures and on vaccines… I think you’re going to have the ‘v’… “I think it’s going to be terrific.

Yes, Trump is still clinging to the delusion of a “v-shaped recovery” for the economy, and he’s now convinced that Big Pharma’s toxic vaccines are going to save America (and perhaps his presidency).

It is a fact that vaccine manufacturers have spiked human blood samples with animal antibodies in order to win FDA approval for vaccines that didn’t work. Two virologists from Merck filed a False Claims Act document with the federal government several years ago, claiming they were ordered by Merck management to falsify antibodies tests for mumps vaccines. The FDA does not conduct its own testing on vaccines and relies entirely on vaccine manufacturers to run their own tests — obviously a gross conflict of interest and a complete abandonment of anything resembling real “science.”

In fact, Moderna and the vaccine industry are rushing this coronavirus vaccine in exactly the same way Boeing rushed the 737-max airplane, resulting in catastrophic consequences for passengers and the company. But now, Trump is betting the entire US population and the US economy on an unproven, fast-tracked vaccine produced by an industry that has a long, repeated history of science fraud, felony crimes and totally dishonest clinical trials. Is this really the broken race horse upon which Trump is betting his presidency?

Trump’s vaccine czar could make biased, self-serving decisions that could kill millions of innocent people

Peter Maybarduk of Public Citizen warned that Slaoui’s biased decisions due to his conflicts of interest with Big Pharma could “hurt or kill millions of people.”

Of course, that’s the whole point. If these coronavirus vaccines were actually intended to be safe and effective, the would have to go through at least 2-3 years of long-term clinical trials. The fact that they’re being frantically rushed into production via “Operation Warp Speed” tells you they aren’t even intended to be safe or effective.

The whole charade is a total junk. This isn’t science, and it isn’t medicine. It’s immunization smoke and mirrors and the consequences could be catastrophic.

According to some critics, these vaccines are actually intended to spread the coronavirus pandemic and cause mass fatalities from the “cytokine storm” effect caused by a secondary exposure to a new infectious strain after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is explained in detail by Dr. Judy Mikovits in this new interview, below:

Trump’s apparent priorities, explained…

It seems that Trump and all his advisors currently have the following hierarchy of priorities:

Priority #1: Make more money for the vaccine companies and Big Pharma.

Priority #2: Pump up the inflated stock market and pretend the economy is good even as real production is falling off a cliff.

Priority #3: Protect Big Tech to keep the stock market propped up even higher, regardless of the fact that Big Tech is clearly run by communist China and is censoring all speech about the coronavirus that exposes China or the WHO.

Priority #4: Protect the American people (the last priority).

It’s sad. And it increasingly looks like Trump has sold out America to the vaccine companies, all while the FDA, FTC, CDC and tech giants censor natural solutions that are saving lives and curing patients right now. All treatments that work are being suppressed, while all vaccines that have never been proven to work are being pumped up as cure-alls for the entire world. Talk about quackery, you can’t get deeper into the world of quacksterism than what Trump and the vaccine companies are pushing right now.

It’s sick, and it ought to be criminal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sure looks like we are all being betrayed by Trump who has obviously sold out to Big Pharma and Big Tech.

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