Mexico now cremating the dead on an “industrial scale” as the coronavirus pandemic reaches “staggering” number of fatalities… all covered up, China-style

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Image: Mexico now cremating the dead on an “industrial scale” as the coronavirus pandemic reaches “staggering” number of fatalities… all covered up, China-style

(Natural News) Remember the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, when China was running mobile cremation ovens 24/7 just to keep up with disposing of all the dead bodies?

Now, a government official whistleblower from Mexico has provided details to Sky News that seem horrifyingly familiar: Mexico is cremating dead bodies “on an industrial scale” while the Mexican government is lying to the world about the true number of dead.

A Sky News investigation explains that the news organization, “has documented cremations and funerals and gained access to morgues and storage rooms full of bodies…. The government claims that the virus curve has been flattened and that there will be a dramatic drop off in virus related deaths in the coming days… But that has been dismissed by many dealing with the crisis as incorrect.”

Sky News continues: (emphasis added)

An official within the government, but speaking anonymously, confirms the official figures are undercounting the actual mortality rate by a factor of at least five.

As part of its investigation, Sky News has collated mortality figures and contacted or visited dozens of hospitals, crematoria and funeral parlours.

With the help of staff, Sky News has accessed multiple hospital morgues and filmed rooms filled with bodies in bodybags, lying on gurneys or even stacked on wooden pallets because the morgue fridges are already full.

There is currently a three-day backlog for cremation at every public crematorium in the city… Black smoke billows out over cemeteries as the ovens are cremating on an industrial level in the city but the bodies don’t stop coming.

In fact, the ovens simply cannot cope and there are regular reports of breakdowns only adding to the backlog.

In full hazmat suits, crematorium staff are working around the clock bringing bodies to huge ovens for disposal.

In other words, it sounds a lot like Wuhan in January.

Some believe 21 million died in China… how many will die in Mexico?

According to official statistics — that no one believes are high enough, mind you — Mexico currently claims 42,595 infections and 4,477 deaths. If the whistleblower mentioned above is to be believed, there are probably more like 200,000 infections and 20,000+ deaths in Mexico already, but even if you don’t believe the higher estimated, the exponential growth of infections and deaths in Mexico will make those numbers a reality soon enough.

As you can see, the deaths in Mexico are following an explosive, exponential growth curve that looks nowhere near any kind of “flattening.” This chart is from, accessed on May 14th.

As we have previously warned, both Mexico and Brazil are set to explode with coronavirus fatalities in the coming months, as the governments of both nations have largely taken a denialism approach to the pandemic.

“Throughout the whole identification process neither the director nor the family member wore masks, gloves or goggles, apparently oblivious to the danger of exposure to an infected corpse,” reports Sky News. This description should horrify any rational person who understands the extreme transmissivity of the coronavirus.

Here’s another horrifying description from the story that should send chills down your spine:

At another hospital, we were taken into one of three storerooms workers said were used to keep the bodies. We watched as a funeral parlour worker had to pick through corpses piled onto a wooden pallet to find the tag for the right body he had been ordered to remove for cremation. None of the temporary morgues in the hospitals were refrigerated and the workers confirmed all the bodies were considered to be COVID-19 cases.

Essentially, Sky News is describing a “perfect storm” for the explosion of coronavirus cases in a nation that simply doesn’t have the modern health care infrastructure to handle the victims in any sort of appropriate manner.

Mexican culture is also an impediment to any sort of coordinated lockdowns or long-term social distancing measures which are known to have finally achieved dramatically lower rates of hospitalizations and deaths in places like New York. In Mexico, much of the low-wage economy functions with a short time duration, where people are paid wages daily, and they use that money to purchase food for that evening. The very idea of long-term financial planning is so far out of the realm of awareness for many rural and low-income workers that to even propose an extended lockdown is unthinkable.

There will be no extended lockdowns in Mexico. The virus will run its course, largely unimpeded.

And that means in a nation of 126 million people, if just one-third get infected (about 42 million), based on very conservative infection fatality rates (IFR) of 2%, we would expect about 840,000 fatalities in Mexico over the next year or so as the coronavirus sweeps through the population.

If hospitals are overwhelmed at any time during the peaking fatalities, that 2% rate could skyrocket to 10% or even higher. In effect, we could be looking at over a million deaths in Mexico in the coming year.

As Sky News explains:

The upward curve of death looks set to rocket, the health service can’t cope and social distancing, let alone lockdown, is largely being ignored in Mexico City. Short of a vaccine or a miracle, the effect on this society and this city could be utterly catastrophic.

And given that no vaccine even exists — and might never exist in an effective form — Mexico is starting in the face of catastrophe, not miracles.

Exponential spread in Mexico will lead to catastrophic consequences for both Mexico and North America

According to official numbers out of Mexico, the number of coronavirus infections is currently doubling every two weeks. This is far slower than what is widely known as an unmitigated doubling rate of 3.5 days, but it’s still exponential growth. And even if we take the government’s current numbers as gospel, it means that Mexico will see a progression something like this:

June 1: 80,000 infected
June 15: 160,000 infected
July 1: 320,000 infected
July 15: 640,000 infected
August 1: 1.2 million infected

… and so on. It doesn’t take long for this math to get to astronomical numbers. What stopped this exponential spread in the United States was the emergency lockdown orders. That interrupted the replication of the virus, which spreads from the lungs of one person to the lungs of another, especially in indoor shared air environments. It seems impractical for Mexico to follow such lockdown practices without setting off an immediate, catastrophic economic collapse that could threaten the very survival of the nation. So it seems almost certain that Mexico is going to just go for “herd immunity,” even if it means burning through the population at large and brutally enduring millions of fatalities.

This also means, importantly, that infected illegal aliens from Mexico will likely be carrying the coronavirus to sanctuary cities in the United States — a scenario I first warned about in February.

Effectively, this means that the U.S. will not be safe from the coronavirus until we lock down our Southern order and stop the illegal immigration. Yet this isn’t being done. Instead, American citizens are being locked down while illegals are allowed free passage into the United States, where they will no doubt be allowed to participate in Democrat-run “fraud-by-mail” voting schemes in the November election, while receiving free health care and probably even government bailout money in the mean time.

Without border protection, if Mexico is overwhelmed by the coronavirus, the USA can’t possibly keep it under control because new infections will be “seeded” into the United States via the unprotected border.

And that will likely result in more lockdowns of US citizens, due to no fault of their own.

Thus, the freedom of Americans quite literally depends on deploying the military to the border and halting all illegal immigration.

But that’s not happening. Instead, Trump is preparing to deploy the US military to mass vaccinate the American people like cattle. That seems to be Trump’s priority right now, sadly.

In effect, the American people will be prisoners in their own homes because illegals keep bringing new infections into the United States (and nobody is willing to protect the border).

The lockdowns, in other words, have been weaponized against humanity. Watch this important mini-documentary for more details:


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