This is the answer: All the lockdowns could be ended NOW if just 4 out of 5 people would wear a mask

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Image: This is the answer: All the lockdowns could be ended NOW if just 4 out of 5 people would wear a mask

(Natural News) For nearly three months, we’ve been urging people to wear masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, a new study and online simulation tool shows that America could end the lockdowns and beat the coronavirus in a matter of weeks if just 80% of people wore masks in public.

Yes, it’s that simple: Wear a mask and you beat the virus.

Wearing a mask is part of the five-point plan we’ve been promoting for nearly two months (see video summary below). The plan is based on wearing masks, boosting nutritional intake of zinc and vitamin D, expanding testing to detect asymptomatic carriers and other simple action steps. Now, it turns out that wearing masks all by itself might beat the coronavirus, which is probably why countries like Taiwan have been able to keep the infections under control without resorting to lockdowns at all.

“A compelling new study and computer model provide fresh evidence for a simple solution to help us emerge from this nightmarish lockdown. The formula? Always social distance in public and, most importantly, wear a mask,” reports Vanity Fair.

The article is based on the work of De Kai at the UC Berkeley International Computer Science Institute. As Vanity Fair explains:

He is also the chief architect of an in-depth study, set to be released in the coming days, that suggests that every one of us should be wearing a mask—whether surgical or homemade, scarf or bandana—like they do in Japan and other countries, mostly in East Asia. Among the findings of their research paper, which the team plans to submit to a major journal: If 80% of a closed population were to don a mask, COVID-19 infection rates would statistically drop to approximately one twelfth the number of infections—compared to a live-virus population in which no one wore masks.


Dr Kai and his team built an online masksim simulator that allows you to explore the effects of people wearing masks. You can try the simulator yourself at this link.

De Kai has also posted a video that explains why wearing masks is such a powerful, effective measure to defeat the coronavirus:

Conservatives and Trump supporters have largely gone “anti-mask”

Despite the fact that masks really are the key solution to preventing infections and halting the spread of the virus, most conservatives and Trump supporters — including those in the independent media — have gone full “anti-mask” and are refusing to wear masks, even in public. This is repeatedly demonstrated by President Trump and Mike Pence who utterly fail to provide any meaningful examples of “leadership” by wearing a mask and setting an example.

Most of the anti-mask people fail to realize they are repeating CDC propaganda from February of this year, when the CDC claimed masks didn’t work, as a strategy to make sure government agencies and hospitals could hoard the mask supplies by preventing the public from realizing masks are effective.

Many of the people still refusing to wear masks believe the virus doesn’t exist or that it isn’t killing anyone. Others are convinced that they, themselves, won’t be hurt by the virus, and they refuse to consider the possibility that they might be asymptomatic carriers who might spread it to others. As we have recently shown, the actual Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of the coronavirus ranges from 6% – 18%, meaning this virus is orders of magnitude more deadly than the regular flu.

The degree of selfishness and stupidity among those who refuse to wear masks in public is truly stunning. Somehow, many pro-freedom people have now forgotten that with freedom comes responsibility. If you want to be free, wear a mask so we can all end the lockdowns without causing a new explosion in infections.

Why do so many conservatives understand GUN safety but not MASK safety?

Walking around at a public protest without a mask is like walking around with an AR-15, safety off and your finger on the trigger. It’s amazing to me that pro-Trump protesters understand gun safety but don’t yet grasp mask safety.

There are four basic rules of gun safety that every gun expert knows. One of those rules is to keep your finger off the trigger because you don’t want to accidentally fire off a round that might kill someone. Yet much the same is true with wearing a mask: You put a cover over your mouth so you don’t accidentally fire off airborne coronavirus particles that might infect and kill others. Wearing a mask is like having the safety engaged and keeping your finger off the trigger.

Similarly, gun safety rule #4 is, “Always know what’s beyond your target” because you don’t want to end up hitting something that you didn’t intend. That’s because bullets can travel long distances before impacting something. So why not apply rule #4 to the coronavirus and wear a mask, knowing that if you don’t wear a mask, you might project coronavirus particles that can fly long distances and impact targets you never intended to harm?

This video shows how one cough from a coronavirus carrier can spread throughout an indoor environment with stunning efficiency:

The next time you see anti-lobkcown protesters marching around with AR-15s but refusing to wear masks, you are witnessing an amazing display of ignorance and self delusion, for if they would just wear masks, the lockdowns could be ended and they wouldn’t need to protest in the first place. They might as well all just aim their rifles at the sky and start popping off rounds, since that’s the equivalent of what they’re doing when they don’t wear masks in public.

If you want to get kicked out of a gun class, by the way, start popping off rounds into the air. It tends to piss people off, because it turns out that gun owners understand the basics of the law of gravity. And they know what goes up must come down.

Now if we could just get everybody to understand the basics of the laws of exponential spread of infectious disease, we’d have this nailed.

Here’s how we can end the pandemic and end the lockdowns, as posted over a month ago:

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