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Image: Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer appeared in 2010 documentary calling for “tracking bracelets” for vaccine refusers

(Natural News) New evidence has surfaced to reinforce the notion that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is actually a plandemic that was hatched by the “deep state” long ago as a means of imposing more authoritarian control over the masses.

In a 2010 documentary entitled, Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague, which was put out by the National Film Board of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, Director General of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, discussed a hypothetical future pandemic much like the one the world is now witnessing with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr. Tam explained that in the event of a major outbreak or pandemic crisis, governments would need to immediately intervene and take full control over society. All citizens and residents would be required to comply with their mandates or else face punishment – even if doing so goes against the law.

“I think the public has to know that this is one of the worst-case scenarios in terms of an infectious disease outbreak,” Dr. Tam stated about this hypothetical scenario. “And if there are people who are non-compliant, then there are definitely laws and public health powers that can quarantine people in mandatory settings.”

In addition to quarantining people, Dr. Tam also stated that she would like to see people tracked at all times using special devices that could keep tabs on their whereabouts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“There’s potential that you could track people, put bracelets on their arms, and have police and other setups to ensure quarantine is undertaken,” she said.

“It is better to be preemptive and precautionary and take the heat of people thinking you might be over-reactionary, get ahead of the curve, and then think about whether you’ve overreacted later. But it’s such a serious situation that I think decisive early action is the key.”


Bill Gates has also stated that a pandemic police state with concentration camps is necessary for the “new normal”

Just to be sure that all avenues are addressed, Dr. Tam added that further police state measures would have to be imposed in order to prove that people are “safe” and “virus-free,” which she defined as mandatory vaccinations.

“Police checkpoints are set up on all of the bridges, and everyone leaving the city is required to show proof of vaccination,” the narrator of the Outbreak film is heard stating after Dr. Tam explained how the “new normal” would work during a pandemic. “Those who refuse to cooperate are taken away to temporary detention centers.”

This is the same mindset as billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, who has repeatedly stated that human beings will essentially need to become human cattle in order to be let back out of the “pen” to rejoin society.

Gates also wants everyone in the world to be vaccinated against whatever outbreak or pandemic is declared, in this case the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And those who refuse to comply would have to be taken away and placed into concentration camps, presumably to be disposed of permanently.

“It won’t go back to normal in some very rapid fashion,” Gates stated during a recent webcam conversation with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres. Gates, as you may recall, has invested billions of dollars from his “philanthropic” foundation to develop new vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“And it won’t be normal until we get an amazing vaccine for the entire world.”

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