New brain-damaging disease “Stupid-19” makes people think the coronavirus is a HOAX

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Image: New brain-damaging disease “Stupid-19” makes people think the coronavirus is a HOAX

(Natural News) The independent media has been afflicted with a dangerous new contagion that I’m calling “Stupid-19.” It’s characterized by people who believe viruses aren’t real and that, in their view, all the covid-19 deaths around the globe have been faked in order to trick the public.

Conspiracy analyst David Icke has now emerged as the poster child for Stupid-19. In a popular new interview, David Icke claims all the following bizarre things:

  • That there is no covid-19 virus.
  • That PCR gene analysis technology doesn’t work.
  • That all the deaths would have happened anyway, but are being re-categorized as covid-19 through some grand conspiracy involving tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and coroners.
  • That all healthy cells in healthy people excrete covid-19-like virus material when stressed, which is why covid-19 tests keep finding covid-19.
  • That ANYONE can “test positive” for covid-19 since the test only spots routine genetic material that’s found in the body of every living person.
  • That doctors can ramp up or ramp down the number of infections they want to find by simply altering the PCR replication of genetic material in test samples.

According to Icke, all the 100+ nations around the world have faked their own economic collapse scenarios, faked all the cremations of dead bodies and rigged lockdowns for no reason in order to pull off some sort of global prank.

Icke claims covid-19 is actually being caused by 5G cell towers alone. This is unfortunate since 5G exposure may be a co-factor in the loss of structure and function of hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, but that’s only a co-factor. 5G alone cannot explain the exponential spread of the coronavirus which almost perfectly follows the spread pattern of a transmissible infectious pathogen.

Watch my video below, explaining the rise of #Stupid-19 across the independent media.

David Icke is now infecting the independent media with horribly wrong disinformation that defies logic and reason

Sadly, David Icke not only embarrasses himself with Stupid-19 theories that defy rationality, by extension he mocks those across the independent media who have now embraced his views. It’s almost as if the pro-Trump indy media has lost two hundred years of scientific knowledge and now no longer believes in the germ theory. It is no coincidence that many of these same people also quite literally believe the Earth is flat. (Not a joke, they really do.)

As much as I am criticized by mainstream media for questioning the safety of vaccine ingredients (which really can be dangerous), it turns out that I’m actually among the most science-educated persons in independent media, and I find myself now arguing with others in the industry who can’t solve basic math problems and don’t understand the difference between atomic elements, molecules, proteins and chromosomes. To them, it’s all one giant mish-mash of foreign concepts, which is why David Icke manages to gather an audience of similarly science-illiterate people who think that what he’s saying makes sense.

I don’t think David Icke should be censored, mind you. Everybody should have the right to speak (including myself, and I’m the most censored pro-science voice in the world), but the only reason Icke has an audience on this subject is because the masses of illiterate people also suffer from Stupid-19. If basic science education were more widespread in America, Icke would be largely ignored, and the guy who interviewed him — Brian Rose of — wouldn’t have allowed his platform to be used to spread horribly wrong disinformation that will quite literally lead to people being killed by complacency.

Interestingly, Brian Rose has also interviewed Neil Degrasse-Tyson, who no doubt would vehemently disagree with David Icke’s claim that viruses aren’t real and that covid-19 isn’t caused by an infectious disease at all. Yet during the interview with David Icke, Brian Rose didn’t challenge Icke’s bizarro worldview. He let Icke roll out extremely bad misinformation grounded in science illiteracy without halting him with basic questions like, “If the virus isn’t real, then why did China enforce draconian quarantine measures that nearly destroyed its domestic economy in order to stop the spread of the virus?”

Apparently, David Icke believes that China, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK, the United States and nearly a hundred other countries all got together and simultaneously agreed to run a global lockdown hoax and destroy their own domestic economies as part of a worldwide hoax. That’s literally what he believes. Such a belief is insane. There is no scenario under which all those countries would shake hands and agree to destroy their own domestic economies for a hoax.

No choice but to denounce such views as insane and dangerous

Today, I must denounce David Icke and anyone else who claims the coronavirus is a hoax. Anyone spouting such nonsense deserves to be ignored (not censored, but rationally rejected by the rest of us).

The latest theory of Stupid-19 claims that none of the covid-19 deaths are real because the people who died had underlying health conditions. Therefore, the narrative goes, nobody really died from covid-19. That’s insane. Nearly everybody who dies from any cause has underlying health conditions. People who die from cancer also typically have cardiovascular issues or blood sugar problems. People who die of pneumonia often have hypertension or early stage cancer. Almost nobody just dies in perfect health except by accidents. Yet according to the Stupid-19 promoters, anyone who had an underlying health condition at all must not be counted as dying from covid-19.

That’s not an argument. It’s just a demonstration of Stupid-19.

A similar argument is that, “Those people would have died anyway.” But that’s true for everyone, all the time. Everybody is going to die anyway. The real question is what killed them today? And right now covid-19 is the No. 1 cause of death in America on a day-to-day basis. Yet because of people like David Icke, a very large number of independent media followers are convinced it’s all fake. That encourages them to avoid wearing masks or washing hands, thereby encouraging the further spread of the infections that are getting people killed by the thousands each day in America alone.

David Icke and other pandemic denialists are complicit in the deaths of these people. They share the responsibility for those deaths.

LondonReal (Brian Rose) is also complicit in these deaths, in my opinion. If Brian Rose had any ethics at all, he would not allow his platform to be used to spread the kind of dangerous disinformation that literally gets people killed. He should have stopped David Icke at the statement, “There is no virus” and challenged him on that point. (Rose is no idiot. He’s highly educated and he knows David Icke is spewing nonsense. But Rose is enjoying the sudden spike in popularity, which means he’s interviewing David Icke basically as a form of “video click bait.”)

I also find it highly disturbing that InfoWars is lending a platform to both David Icke and Brian Rose, furthering their spread of dangerous disinformation that threatens public health. I’m a fill-in host on InfoWars, and each time I appear, I use the time to attempt to educate InfoWars listeners about the scientific principles that are clearly at work with this pandemic, yet I find that nearly all the other guests (and many hosts) are pandemic denialists with no scientific education whatsoever. I’m fighting against a tidal wave of ignorance, and it is increasingly obvious that the effort is pointless.

Stupid-19 is very real and very dangerous. Stupid-19 isn’t caused by a virus, but it is caused by stupid people opening their mouths and spouting brain-damaged theories rooted in a stunning lack of basic science education. It’s time that someone from independent media spoke out against the Stupid-19 phenomenon and stated the obvious. That person, it appears, is me.

Let the attacks against me commence. I’m used to it. But I’ve got logic, reason and the facts on my side, and I’m not bending my beliefs just to conform to a group of incredible ill-informed individuals whose dangerous disinformation is truly a clear and present danger to public health.

I’m not in favor of censorship, but I do think we should exercise discernment. And David Icke’s bizarre, wrongheaded theory about covid-19 should be rejected by all free-thinking individuals. Any who follow David Icke’s wrongheaded beliefs may not only risk their own safety, they may also place others at risk as well.

But the self-reinforcing delusions of David Icke allow him to say none of those deaths are his fault, since he believes all the deaths are being faked in the first place. As people are dying by the thousands, Icke excuses his own role in furthering those deaths by claiming it’s all a grand global conspiracy to silence people like him.

This is a sad day for the independent media and a sad day for humanity. It’s a sad day for me personally, too, because I had no choice but to publish this denouncement, even knowing it would result in me being widely criticized by those who follow Icke. David Icke has had many fine moments of analysis throughout his career, and he was brilliant on 9/11. But he’s insane when it comes to covid-19 and infectious disease.

David Icke and Brian Rose owe the world an apology.

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