Iran could be the next coronavirus death trap as casualties mount amid concerns that FAR more people are infected than the government is reporting

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Image: Iran could be the next coronavirus death trap as casualties mount amid concerns that FAR more people are infected than the government is reporting

(Natural News) The problem with authoritarian countries is that you can never get a straight answer from the governments who run them, and that’s a huge problem when responsible nations are trying to deal with a budding humanitarian crisis.

For weeks after the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) began spreading rapidly through China’s population, the Communist government refused to put out accurate information about the scope of the outbreak and other vitally important details like it’s mortality rate.

Only by studying other indicators, for instance, could analysts figure out that China was faking productivity numbers to make it seem like most of its population was still at work churning out the world’s goods. 

Another sign that China was fudging about official casualty rates: Government officials underreported illnesses and deaths in an attempt to fool the world (and their own people) into believing they had everything under control. 

Now, it seems, another tyrannical regime — Iran — could be suffering similar casualty rates and underreporting them.

The Epoch Times noted Thursday that Tehran reported 75 people had died from COVID-19 over a 24-hour period, which brought the country’s ‘official’ death toll to 429.

The paper noted: 

Kianoush Jahanpour, a spokesman for Iran’s health agency, said that 10,075 people have been infected with the new coronavirus in the country, with 3,276 recoveries overall, according to the state-run IRNA. The 75 deaths represent the highest daily death toll in three weeks since Iran announced its first deaths from the outbreak in February.

“In the past 24 hours, 1,075 people have been infected with COVID-19… bringing the total number of infected people to 10,075 cases,” Jahanpour said in a news conference, according to AFP news agency. 

“Seventy-five people hospitalized in the past few days have lost their lives and today a total of 429 infected people are no longer with us,” he added.

The regime has every incentive to lie

The coronavirus outbreak in Iran has become the deadliest outside of China, leading many analysts to believe that it could actually be much worse that the Iranian regime is reporting. 

We already know that the Iranian government in recent months has faced internal unrest on levels not seen in a decade. The New York Times reported Dec. 1 that the unrest became so pervasive and widespread that in order to survive, the regime implemented a brutal crackdown.

“What started as a protest over a surprise increase in gasoline prices turned into widespread demonstrations met with a systematic repression that left at least 180 people dead,” the paper reported.

Prices increased 50 percent overnight, which led to massive protests and calls for the government, which is led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to be deposed. Witness accounts reported that government forces opened fire on unarmed demonstrators of mostly young, unemployed or underemployed men between the ages of 19 and 26. 

The gas price increase was no doubt tied to crushing economic sanctions placed on the Iranians by the Trump administration over the regime’s continuing push to develop nuclear weapons. But whatever the reason, the fact is, it is becoming more and more obvious that the regime is losing its grip.

Add to this unrest a massive viral outbreak that the government is incapable of handling, and that’s a recipe for ‘regime change.’ 

So it would make sense that the Iranian regime would not only lie about the effects of the virus to the world, but also its own people. 

Plus, there is this: Even with a higher-than-average mortality rate, coronavirus deaths are a fraction of illnesses. If the Iranians have already ‘officially’ experienced a high number of deaths, it makes sense that they are experiencing a high number of infections as well.

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