Dr. Paul Cottrell: 165 million Americans will be infected, 6.9 million will DIE from covid-19 in the next 20 months

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Image: Dr. Paul Cottrell: 165 million Americans will be infected, 6.9 million will DIE from covid-19 in the next 20 months

(Natural News) In this really important interview of Dr. Paul Cottrell by Stefan Molyneux — who for some reason still hasn’t been banned by YouTube — Dr. Cottrell discuses a number of super important topics related to the coronavirus. I’m a fan of Stefan Molyneux, as you might expect since I enjoy being intellectually stimulated by intelligent, free-thinking individuals, so I’m including a link to his channel and the full video here.

Dr Paul Cottrell is a researcher in chaos theory and has interests in modeling financial markets. He studies developmental economics, behavioral finance, complexity science, energy industry, risk management, and the uses of artificial intelligence in trading financial markets.

Selected quotes from Dr. Cottrell are printed below, followed by the YouTube video.

Covered in this interview with Dr. Cottrell:

  • The accelerating economic collapse and what it means for America.
  • Predictions of possible infections and deaths in America, and why our largely unhealthy population is at higher risk than other populations around the world.
  • Preparedness: Why Americans should be prepared with months of food supplies and 20 months of disruptions across society.
  • The “Bio Patriot Act” and coming forced vaccinations.
  • Dr. Cottrell’s nutrients, vitamins and herbs for protecting against viral infections.

As a side note, I would like to interview Dr. Cottrell for our “Brighteon Conversations” series on Brighteon.com, so if you know how to reach him, please pass along this article. (I always enjoy conversations with other polymaths.)


Quotes from Dr. Paul Cottrell: (selected quotes, cropped for length, emphasis added)

This is much worse than Lehman.

The banks were already fragile. Now the VIX is an indicator of what risk is building up in the system.

I really believe that we are in 1929 or worse. Because 1929 it was about fear, about markets. This is a virus that’s shutting down the economy, and the virus doesn’t care about how much money is pumped in by the Federal Reserve. All it cares about is its host.

It’s important to understand that the virus is going to burn through the United States, and it’s going to last for 18 to 20 months. This is not a four weeks, three month thing. It’s 20 months.

But because of the health conditions of North Americans, especially in the United States, we’re unhealthy people. Half the population is unhealthy / geriatric, and this is the problem. This virus takes advantage of that.

165 million Americans are going to be infected with this virus in 20 months. Most of them will have mild cases. One sixth of the ones that are infected will have severe cases. Twenty-five percent of them, which is about 6.9 million people, will die from complications of COVID-19. Because of the health situation, and the geriatric component.

These diseases they have, they can’t take the viral load. Their system is so compromised, they can’t fight the infection.

That is the virus part of it, then you can just imagine the shut down of the economy as the deaths are happening.

The economy is going to be shutting down, and the supply chains are going to be shutting down. And you’re going to have 50% unemployment. This is going to be worse than the Great Depression, and worse than Lehman. So you’re going to have deaths and the complete destruction of the economy.

The “bio patriot act” will be instituted, and it will force de-cashing… they don’t want bills, they want all of the money supply in the banking system. You can’t ever take it out. Never have a bank run.

Social scoring, forced vaccinations, and if you don’t get your vaccine, you can’t get your money out, you don’t get your job, and you can see the totalitarianism that will take place with this bio patriot act rolling out.

This virus seems to be carrying the Chinese flag, the CCP flag. That we will see, you can see it now, they’ll first start with socialism and then they’ll go to totalitarianism. It’s almost like Atlas Shrugged…

We’re starting to see people bugging out. I’m afraid we’re going to lose our country. I’m afraid of losing our civil liberties. I’m afraid of this idea of forced vaccinations.

I do feel this is an opportunity people are using to roll out severe socialism that will lead to totalitarianism.

We’re probably going to see… you need food. You need to prepare for food. Four weeks is not enough. We’re probably two months or more is what’s needed. The medical system is not going to be able to take care of you. We’re going to have to go to the homeopathic remedies, because you’re not going to be able to get the 21st century health care. You need to have, to try to boost up your immune system, the vitamins, the minerals… what I do. I do multivitamins, vitamin C, zinc, C60, DNA Force (PQQ), CoQ10 and iodine and filtered water. No fluoride, nothing. Stay away from the fluoride.

If I get sick, I worked with some researchers in Europe. Protease inhibitors. If I get sick, and I can’t get to a doctor, I use forskolin, Relora, calendula, licorice root and birch bark. They’re known to be anti-viral, and there is scientific studies that some of the compounds in these kill coronaviruses in vitro. And then the cytokine storm that can be created if you get reinfected, it may cause an overreaction of the immune system, so anti-inflammatories like turmeric, rosemary, those compounds will help calm it. You gotta take a lot of it.

There are means on the homeopathic realm if you can’t get to a doctor. Get this in your home, for your family, just in case you are sick. The colloidal silver realm, or the nano silver realm will also help to boost immune system, and are known to inactivate pathogens. So the government, Homeland Security is going to ABL that makes nanosilver, to buy big purchases of nanosilver, and our military uses nanosilver for wound dressing, for on the field. It kills the pathogens and activates the stem cells for healing quicker. Those are some of the things that you can get in your toolbox.


Start watching at around 43:05 for the hard-hitting parts quoted above:

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His primary website is Freedomain.com

Does Stefan have a channel yet on Brighteon.com? If not, he should get one there and expand his audience through that free speech platform.

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