America explodes into food stockpiling PANIC after the malicious media and incompetent government spent the last six weeks condemning people for getting prepared

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Image: America explodes into food stockpiling PANIC after the malicious media and incompetent government spent the last six weeks condemning people for getting prepared

(Natural News) America has exploded into a nationwide food stockpiling panic today in the hours after President Trump declared a national emergency in an effort to defeat the coronavirus epidemic now sweeping the country.

We are getting reports from across the country that grocery stores are swamped, even during the late evening hours as people suddenly come to their senses and realize we’ve all been lied to by the government and the media for the last six weeks.

Day after day, week after week, idiotic radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and propagandist media networks like Fox News and CNN mocked and condemned preppers, insisting that no one needed to buy extra food, water, N95 masks or even sanitizers. In doing so, they transformed America into a nation of complacency and disinformation that has now lead to this very moment where people are starting to panic nationwide.

Big Tech helped make sure the American people were wildly unprepared, setting them up for a “panic trap”

Big Tech has been part of this too, banning all the honest, accurate voices from the independent media that have been warning people this entire time to start having extra food and other emergency supplies at the ready. For daring to try to help Americans get prepared, we have been condemned, slandered, smeared and de-platformed while Google made sure the wholly discredited, criminally negligent W.H.O. dominated all search results for the coronavirus, ensuring the continued ignorance of the American people about the severity of this global pandemic.

And that’s the trifecta of criminal negligence and incompetence: Big Government, Big Tech and Big Media all colluding to make sure the American people are ill-prepared as the coronavirus explodes across the nation, practically guaranteeing a far larger number of infections and deaths than would have been necessary if people had simply been allowed to find on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Google (we’ve been banned everywhere, as we are “guilty” of telling the truth on sensitive matters the evil tech giants don’t want people to know).

We could have helped prevent THIS:

Now America is quite literally facing a collapse of the food supply infrastructure

Thanks to all this deliberate sabotage that has been pushed for nearly two months by the same CIA camp that also runs Wikipedia, the US food supply infrastructure is rapidly approaching a state of collapse.

“The companies that feed America and provide basic staples are bracing for labor shortages as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, which could leave them without enough workers to manufacture, deliver and unpack groceries in stores in the coming months,” reports the Anchorage Daily News.

“Already, some chains are rationing products as shelves empty out of pasta, rice and frozen vegetables and anxious customers wait in long lines for toilet paper and bottled water – in scenes similar to those seen before a hurricane, yet this time unfolding on a national scale.”

It’s all by design of course. The malicious media and treasonous Tech Giants engineered the very censorship and disinformation campaigns that led to all this. They literally want millions of Americans to die in order to create a crisis that they hope might dislodge Trump from the White House and install their dementia-suffering candidate Joe Biden as the next president.

Thanks to all this deliberate sabotage, censorship and disinformation, here’s where we are right now as the virus continues to explode across America on an exponential scale:

In another two weeks, this map will look nearly ten times worse, by the way. We’ve already done the math. You can bank on it. I’m the author of the pandemic projection model that has now been downloaded thousands of times and tells the shocking story of where we are headed in the USA as coronavirus testing kits are still not in the hands of doctors across the nation. And now Trump says there will be no testing at all for asymptomatic carriers (people who show no symptoms).

The worst liars were given top visibility while the truth tellers were smeared and silenced

Who, exactly, are the purveyors of lies, myths and misinformation across America? People like Dr. Drew, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Pence (who still promises millions of testing kits will appear any day now), the US Surgeon General and countless TV hosts, “journalists” and talking heads who all assured the nation that the coronavirus was “no worse than the flu.”

People who prepare are all kooks, they said, and anyone who recommends commonsense preparedness is “spreading fear.”

And who was telling the truth about the pandemic, many weeks in advance? People like Stefan Molyneaux, Chris Martenson, Michael Snyder, Dave Hodges, Mac Slavo and myself, Mike Adams. Publishers like Zero Hedge, InfoWars, All News Pipeline, Steve Quayle, The Commonsense Show, and Natural News told America the truth many weeks in advance, giving people plenty of time to stock up without causing a last-minute panic rush on supplies.

An astonishing 22 days ago, for example, I warned America about exactly what was coming. This message was, of course, banned on YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and everywhere else for the simple reason that it encouraged people to get prepared instead of staying complacent:

With all the banning, censorship, search engine manipulation by Google (who Trump has now chosen to run the coronavirus testing website, if you can believe that) and other nefarious actions by the tech industry, it’s now obvious that Big Tech wants millions of people to die from the coronavirus. It’s all part of the depopulation agenda, of course, that people like Bill Gates have been pushing for years (right alongside their pandemic outbreak modeling programs and secretive vaccine research schemes).

It’s all a conspiracy of evil: Big Government, Big Media, Big Tech all working together to dumb you down, make sure you are unprepared and then get you killed from a biological weapon system that your tax dollars helped finance in the first place, via NIH grants to the “death science” bioweapons industry.

The “death science” lunatics who built this weapon are now Trump’s advisors

The very same people who built these deadly biological weapons against humanity are now running the Trump administration response to this pandemic, which was caused by an escape of their own deadly weapon in the first place. In other words, the same institutions and corporations that created this devastating threat against humanity are now getting billions of dollars in grants from the Trump administration to “manage” this pandemic.

It’s all too insane to even describe. They use your own tax dollars to murder you while they collect billions to pose as the saviors of humanity.

No wonder more and more people watching all this are rooting for the whole corrupt system to be taken down and stomped out of existence, after which humanity might actually have a chance to survive without being threatened and blackmailed by a true industry of death that rakes in billions of dollars in profits to engineer deadly weapons that now threaten our entire planet.

Perhaps it’s time for all of us to start thinking about a post-centralized government world where corrupt, incompetent governments are eliminate from the landscape of a pro-human world. Maybe it’s time to let the whole system tear itself down and then make sure it never rises from the ashes of its own treacherous demise.

It’s time to stop thinking that Trump might be the answer to defeat the deep state and, instead, start thinking about how the entire corrupt, incompetent, malicious, anti-human system of government/industry collusion needs to be allowed to self-destruct once and for all. Humanity can never be free (or secure) when these “death science” lunatics are running the government.

The establishment wants us dead. That much is clear. Maybe it’s time humanity started to put up a fight instead of surrendering to the globalist agenda of mass suicide and self-destruction.

Listen and learn. The Health Ranger Report is right now saving lives all across our planet with honest, reliable, pro-human information and solutions to help you survive the coronavirus:

If you want to live, read If you prefer to commit suicide, keep watching Fox News or MSNBC.

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