Chinese medical authorities transplant two lungs to save coronavirus patient, as human rights groups warn about the organ harvesting of Muslim prisoners

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Image: Chinese medical authorities transplant two lungs to save coronavirus patient, as human rights groups warn about the organ harvesting of Muslim prisoners

(Natural News) Beijing health authorities recently performed a successful double transplant operation on a coronavirus patient who needed two matching lungs. The 59-year-old organ recipient only had days to live, but two matching lungs were available in a pinch and a life-saving surgery was conducted very quickly. Human rights groups are warning that this speedy operation shows all the signs of organ harvesting.

Over the past three years, China has rounded up hundreds of thousands of Muslims. They are being held within indoctrination camps throughout Xinjiang China. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) reveals that Chinese authorities are brainwashing the Muslims in China’s high security prisons.

In China, Muslim prisoners are an efficient source of organs

Now, there are growing fears in China that these Muslim prisoners are being allowed to die so their organs can be harvested and used to treat dying coronavirus patients. Organ harvesting operations need doctors and hospital systems that are “incompetent” enough to commit multiple medical errors to force brain death on patients. In China, that goal is much easier to attain when the patients are political prisoners whose lives mean nothing to authorities. It’s much easier to harvest organs from political prisoners who have no right to consent to the process in the first place.

In traditional organ procurement, doctors have to confirm that the patient has brain death. Once that diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is declared deceased and organ procurement can commence legally — if the patient had previously consented to being an organ donor. Doctors are trained to recognize vital signs of brain bleeds, cerebral edema, and impending brain death. They should typically be able to admit patients to an intensive care unit to save their life; however, if the doctor stalls long enough, whether strategically or accidentally, brain death will result, allowing for efficient organ harvesting.

In China’s prison camps, there are no rules to follow. Human rights do not matter to them. The Muslim prisoners can readily be preyed upon for their organs, especially when there is a large demand for organs. Wealthy Chinese patients may get preferential treatment in the medical system. Muslim prisoners may have the matching organs these dying people require. Human rights organizations are questioning how this 59-year-old Chinese patient was able to get two matching lungs so quickly, so easily.

While the Chinese press was quick to highlight the success of the medical system, another magazine raised suspicions. According to the campaigning magazine, Bitter Winter: “The patient, who on February 24th, was given days to live…had only to wait a matter of five days before a perfectly matching, ‘consenting’, brain-dead donor could be found.”

“Whilst around the world waiting times for a single lung from a suitable donor could be years, China has shown this week that it need only be days, for two perfectly matched lungs to be rustled up. The fact that two matching lungs were found in a few days raises new suspicions of organ harvesting,” the publication warns.

The ICIJ warns that Uyghur Muslims are “being used as a kill-on-demand emergency backstop for Chinese coronavirus patients.”

The country’s illegal forced organ harvesting program is being revealed. China relies on state prisoners to provide organ transplants. At one point, up to two-thirds of transplant organs were taken from prisoners. The Sun Online reported how Chinese scientists used the organs of hundreds of executed prisoners to conduct experiments. The scientists used hearts, lungs and livers taken from dead prisoners.

The Chinese government reports that approximately 10,000 transplants occur each year. Hospital data shows there are around 70,000 transplants every year, revealing that 60,000 illegal transplants are occurring from unknown organ sources.

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