Hawaii and Maryland both declare state of emergency as U.S. coronavirus infections explode to 226… air traffic lockdown coming soon

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Image: Hawaii and Maryland both declare state of emergency as U.S. coronavirus infections explode to 226… air traffic lockdown coming soon

(Natural News) There are now 226 confirmed coronavirus infections across America, meaning my projections over the last two weeks have been overly optimistic. In truth, the coronavirus epidemic in America is exploding faster than I feared. (It seems like only yesterday that Trump was confident there were only “15 cases” in America that would fade quickly.)

Today I completed a new software model that projects where the coronavirus is headed. The model is terrifying. Even when I use very conservative, low numbers like a 2% mortality rate and an R0 value of 1.82, it still shows there will be over 2.1 million deaths in the USA by July 4th unless some very aggressive “medical martial law” measures are put into place in the coming weeks. (Which I believe will happen, as government officials can’t allow this to infect tens of millions without trying desperately to stop it.)

The number of infections by July 4th will be 24.3 million if nothing is done to intervene and stop the exponential spread, according to the model.

Meanwhile, all the leaders of the CDC, FDA, NIH and HHS are either incompetent fools or criminally negligent in failing to tell the truth. We are being lied to constantly by a group of Big Pharma gangsters and vaccine zealots who only see this pandemic as an opportunity to shovel a few billions dollars in new profits to their pals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Yet over 80% of all pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China. For antibiotics, that number is 98%. None of this seems to register with government officials at the federal level, all of whom seem to be sleepwalking zombies who can only utter bits of really bad advice like, “Stop buying masks!”

It’s exploding across America

Over the last several hours, both Maryland and Hawaii declared a state of emergency. Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis just announced two new, unrelated cases in Colorado. Across America, the isolated cases that started cropping up last week are now turning into clusters of cases that have achieved sustained, local transmission. In another week, those will transform into full-blown outbreaks of hundreds and then thousands of cases.

According to my current model — which is of course subject to updated calibration via new data — by April 4th there will be 580 cumulative deaths in America and 8,645 people infected. That’s only a month away. Whether that actually happens will tell us a lot about whether this model is too optimistic or pessimistic.

Either way, if this epidemic continues to demonstrate exponential growth, it won’t be long before local and national officials are forced to start shutting down society to intervene and halt the exponential spread. After all, aside from vitamins, herbs and minerals than no one in any position of authority will ever recommend (because they are all puppets of Big Pharma), isolation is the only thing that works to slow the spread of the virus.

So you can now count on this like clockwork: There will be aggressive, devastating lockdowns and shutdowns of America’s transportation infrastructure. Cities will be quarantined. Roadways will be patrolled with armed National Guard troops. Universities will become ghost towns. Corporate campuses will become deserted landscapes.

Tourism will collapse. Supply lines will crater. Businesses will begin mass layoffs and paychecks will stop. Since roughly half of America cannot survive the loss of a single paycheck without going into a full blown panic, some significant portion of America is about to panic. (Try not to be near these people when they do. They tend to live in cities, by the way…)

These results are now inevitable. The “panic buying” has already begun, and yet less than 1% of the population has any real experience or foresight when it comes to prepping. In fact, for the last few decades, preppers have been mocked as loons by the very same masses who right now fund themselves utterly unprepared for the reality that’s slapping them right in the face.

I’ve been right about where this pandemic was headed from day one. Even under extreme criticism, I’ve continued to report the stunning truths that have been confirmed again and again, often many weeks later. I was among the first to say this virus would break containment in Wuhan. I publicly and repeatedly predicted it would spread to Asian nations, then the Middle East, then Europe, South America and eventually North America.

Now, my new software model tells me the pandemic is only getting warmed up. This pandemic is much worse than just an inconvenience. This will threaten entire nations… entire industries… the very economic structure of human society. The world will not be the same after this is over.

Start thinking about surviving up to six months of isolation and forced quarantines

The travel restrictions will likely begin this month. They will accelerate into April as a national emergency is declared then (if not sooner). By May, most of the population will finally come to realize they failed to prepare. The panic will start to set in. Looting and robberies will begin to increase and lawlessness will start to descend upon many of America’s most vulnerable cities.

Unless the summer heat magically wipes out the virus, the epidemic will unleash a domino effect of shutdowns and supply line failures that will lead to food shortages, pharmaceutical scarcity and a truly panicked, unprepared population that has been told by the federal government to NOT prepare.

That’s why today, I’m updating my recommendation to everyone: We must prepare to survive six months of isolation and forced quarantines. Perhaps that’s overkill, but we won’t know for sure until we get there. However, it seems extremely unlikely that this whole thing will blow over in a month or two.

We are living in the era of Idiocracy when most people can’t follow basic math

To date, people still don’t understand why this isn’t the flu. They still don’t get the fact that the coronavirus is at least 30 times more deadly than the seasonal flu, and they don’t understand the transmissivity and the exponential spread of this virus.

Most people remain in a state of total denial, even as they see state after state declaring emergencies and shutting down schools and government offices. (It has only just begun… fast forward 30 days and you will really see what I’m talking about.)

The typical American is paralyzed because they’ve been trained to function as obedient sheeple, not independent, self-reliant adults in a free society. The “liberty” circuits of their brain don’t even work anymore, so they stand by doing nothing, waiting for FEMA or the vaccine industry to save them, confident that “prepping is for crazy people.”

Many of those people will ultimately be cremated in body bags, of course. What, did you think mobile cremation ovens were unique to China? They’re coming to America, too, since cremation is the only safe way to dispose of the bodies.

Remember, our staff reads Chinese. The side of this container says it’s for disposing, “animal corpses.”

China has reportedly purchased fifty of these container-sized cremation units, and there’s no doubt more are on the way. There are so many bodies being burned in China that a strange black rain is now falling on Japan.

One day this year, the same operation will be taking place in Washington, in California and perhaps New York. There will be masses of dead bodies piling up, along with government orders to incinerate them all as a sure way to destroy the virus.

The imagery is too difficult for most Americans to handle, so they simply retreat to a state of psychological denial.

Denial does not stop the coronavirus… it is unrelenting and unforgiving

We live in a society where “progressives” think they can ignore biology and turn a male into a female by making wishes. Many of these same people no doubt believe they can ignore viruses by just pretending they don’t exist. That strategy will only, of course, win them the “Darwin Award” in the end.

When it comes to pandemics, you either face reality and survive or deny reality and perish. If you want to live, follow my work on Pandemic.news. If you want to die, listen to NPR and your ignorant friend who quotes Dr. Drew saying, “It’s no worse than the flu.”

The time has come for the really stupid people of the world who can’t understand basic math or biology to face a rare moment of reckoning… and the virus isn’t interested in negotiations or political correctness. You either get informed and live, or stay stupid and die.

One by one, every American is now making this choice… and they will live or die with the consequences of that decision. By the way, the collapse of society might kill even more people than the virus itself, given the total lack of preparedness across our pharmaceutically mind-numbed society.

As of right now, there are 226 confirmed cases in America. And almost no one has yet been tested. Imagine where this goes next…

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