Trump insists America “very, very ready” for any coronavirus pandemic, fails to mention virtually NO ONE being tested in America… the “Trump TRAP” is now set by the CDC

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Image: Trump insists America “very, very ready” for any coronavirus pandemic, fails to mention virtually NO ONE being tested in America… the “Trump TRAP” is now set by the CDC

(Natural News) In a coronavirus press briefing at the White House earlier today, President Trump declared America was ready for the coronavirus, saying, “We’re very, very ready for this, for anything, whether it’s going to be a breakout of larger proportions or whether we’re at that very low level, and we want to keep it that way.”

This statement appears to be absurd, given that virtually no tests for the coronavirus are being conducted in the United States, and the CDC’s diagnostic test kits sent to state labs on Feb. 5th turned out to be faulty… and the CDC still hasn’t figure out how to replace the faulty kits with anything that functions.

While the rest of the world is rapidly testing thousands of people for the coronavirus — Italy, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Singapore and even Thailand — the United States has so far tested only 445 people in total, since day one, according to the latest numbers from the CDC:


This means that Trump is saying America is ready for the pandemic even when America can’t even test for the virus.

How can America be “very, very ready” for a pandemic if we aren’t even testing thousands of people for the virus?

As we have exhaustively reported over the last several days, there are virtually ZERO tests for coronavirus being conducted by any U.S. state. Forty-seven out of fifty states are conducting no tests whatsoever, as CNBC recently reported, and the other three states are mostly sending samples to the CDC, which means those numbers are already encompassed by the CDC’s “445” number.

By the way, will soon be publishing state-by-state numbers showing how many people are being tested, self-quarantined and confirmed as infected in each U.S. state. Watch for this soon on

The Trump administration is being advised on all this by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH, an individual whose department oversees both vaccine research and U.S. biological weapons research being funded by the NIH. In effect, President Trump is being advised by the very person who helped funnel taxpayer funds to the bioengineered weapon — covid-19 coronavirus — which was bought from a U.S. university and taken to a lab in China, then released into the public where it quickly spread into a global pandemic, as Prof. Frances Boyle has recently explained in several bombshell interviews.

The NIH funded this bioweapons research from the very beginning, and it’s Dr. Fauci who oversees much of that funding. Why is the same person who helped create this biological weapons monster now advising President Trump on how to stop it with vaccines? Refer to the many interviews with Prof. Frances Boyle for more details on this crucial point for humanity. Dr. Fauci is the fox in the hen house, and he’s now converted Trump to a pro-vaccine president.

President Trump now touting vaccines as the answer, fails to realize the vaccines might be more dangerous than the coronavirus

“The vaccine is coming along well and we think this is something we can develop fairly rapidly, a vaccine for the future,” Trump said today, echoing the propaganda of Fauci, the NIH and the very same vaccine industry that served as a cover for the bioweapons research that led to this entire fiasco in the first place.

So now President Trump is essentially providing cover (and funding) for the very same “death science” researchers who got us into this mess. They promise to save us with a vaccine, but we wouldn’t be threatened at all if they never genetically engineered this biological weapon in the first place.

As things look right now, millions of human beings will be killed by this virus over the next year or two… possibly a whole lot more. But the greed of the NIH and the “death science” researchers knows no bounds. Even if hundreds of millions of human beings are killed, the NIH will keep funneling money into bioweapons research. So far, the NIH has provided nearly $700 million into coronavirus research, both for vaccines and bioweapons (which are actually the same thing, as one provides political cover for the other).

Fauci is now indoctrinating Trump with lies about vaccines, influenza and pandemics

Trump is now repeating the same propaganda Fauci has been spouting, insisting that the flu kills more people than the coronavirus, so the coronavirus pandemic is no big deal. This claim is, of course, a fallacy. The only reason the coronavirus hasn’t yet killed more people than the flu is because it has only begun to spread around the world. The infections and deaths we’ve seen so far from the coronavirus are only a hint of the global pandemic fallout that’s yet to come (which may take years to fully play out).

The mortality rate from the coronavirus is, by some estimates, up to 20 times higher than that of the seasonal flu. And while the seasonal flu kills roughly 35,000 Americans a year, if the coronavirus infects just 50% of the U.S. population and has a very low mortality rate of just 2%, it will kill 3.3 million Americans, dwarfing the number of people killed by the flu.

If it infects 50% of the world population, the number of global deaths will exceed 72 million, even at just a 2% mortality rate.

To claim that the coronavirus isn’t dangerous because it hasn’t yet killed as many people as the flu is disingenuous and deceptive, bordering on malicious disinformation to mislead the public. And Trump got that line directly from Dr. Fauci, who is peddling these lies like Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.

Just as we’ve warned, Trump is being maliciously misled on the coronavirus by the very same evil people who had a hand in creating it.

Hey, America: Shut up, buy more stocks, take your vaccine shots and trust the government… we’re here to help!

With each passing day of this coronavirus fiasco, President Trump’s chances of losing the White House this November are rapidly expanding (much to the delight of the Democrats). By doing nothing and trusting the very same CDC and NIH that mostly consists of “never-Trumpers,” President Trump is allowing these agencies to set a dangerous trap that will ultimately be sprung by the media to blame Trump for an uncontrolled outbreak in the USA… an outbreak that has already silently begun.

And Trump is falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

Trump says, “We’ve stopped non US citizens from China,” but the USA hasn’t stopped flights from South Korea, Italy or Japan.

Trump says, “We’re screening people at a very high level,” but fails to realize that the coronavirus spreads in stealth mode, during its asymptomatic incubation period that can’t be detected by any airport screening whatsoever.

Trump says, “The USA is rated No. 1 at being prepared,” but fails to realize the USA is currently last place in the world when it comes to having functioning diagnostic test kits. The USA, in fact, is the only country in the world (other than North Korea) that appears to be conducting virtually zero testing for the coronavirus.

Any person claiming the USA is prepared for an outbreak for a virus that U.S. CDC officials can’t even detect on any large scale is kidding themselves. You can’t stop a virus if you aren’t testing for it, and yet somehow, both President Trump and Rush Limbaugh seem to be oblivious to the fact that the CDC is testing virtually no one.

There are already thousands of infections in the United States, and Trump is telling the public it’s almost zero… this won’t end well once legitimate lab testing begins

This is going to be very, very bad for President Trump. In fact, there’s no question the CDC is setting a trap to shift blame to Trump once the outbreak in the United States is finally documented by active lab testing (which has been delayed by the CDC). This will happen shortly after labs across America are given permission by the FDA to begin testing. Currently, both the CDC and the FDA are prohibiting labs across the entire country from conducting such tests. It’s not an accident, of course. This is all by design.

My best estimate is that right now, there are thousands of coronavirus-infected people in the United States, and almost none of them are being tested.

A DHS source told me there were 989 confirmed infections over one week ago, mostly along the West Coast. Doubling every 3.5 days, that number is already over 4,000.

An outbreak is starting to emerge in San Francisco, and the Mayor just declared a state of emergency there

We just got news from the Washington Post earlier this evening that a new coronavirus infection has been confirmed in Northern California, afflicting a person who did not travel to China and had no known contact with any other infected person. The CDC is deliberately withholding the county in which this cases has been confirmed, meaning it’s almost certainly in San Francisco. The non-China history of this person means there is sustained, human-to-human transmission taking place in San Francisco right now, which is exactly why the Mayor, London Breed, declared a state of emergency yesterday.

Orange County declared a state of emergency today, by the way, even while claiming there are zero infections in Orange County.

Does anyone think that’s a coincidence? Of course it isn’t. Breed already knows San Francisco is a coronavirus hub, and since California is testing zero people for the virus, this thing is going to spread at the full R0 value of around 6.6, doubling perhaps every 3 days or so, exploding out of control while the CDC withholds testing kits and the FDA withholds approval for local labs to conduct any testing on their own.

By the time test kits are approved or provided, we might already be looking at 10,000 infections in San Francisco alone.

And guess who will get the blame? Not Nancy Pelosi. It will be Donald J. Trump. And Sen. Chuck Schumer will declare that Trump withheld funds, leading to mass infections and deaths in San Fran. You can see the script unfolding almost automatically.

Sadly, Trump walked right into the Trump trap, because he listened to the poisonous people who are setting him up to take the fall… the very same people who are happily sacrificing potentially millions of American lives in their effort to engineer a devastating crisis that can achieve a political advantage for the Democrats.

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