Nurse says coronavirus quarantine failing, “everyone will get infected”

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Image: Nurse says coronavirus quarantine failing, “everyone will get infected”

(Natural News) The quarantine protocols in Wuhan, China, that are supposed to contain coronavirus aren’t working, claims one on-the-ground medical worker who issued a dire warning that “everyone will end up being infected and dying.”

In shocking video footage depicting corpse-lined corridors at a local hospital, this self-proclaimed nurse is seen stating that infected patients are coming into the facility continuously, despite quarantine measures in place to prevent such a scenario.

Before the footage was quickly pulled down by China’s communist authorities, viewers were shown what appeared to be dead bodies strewn all over the floor and on stretchers at this obviously overwhelmed facility.

In one part of the clip, a victim is seen covered in a blanket with only the feet protruding out, while other dead bodies are seen amid living patients presumably waiting for their appointments.

The now-deleted footage was shared by a Weibo user named “magic girl Xiao Xi,” and is believed to have been filmed at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, which is one of the facilities that’s been designated by the communist Chinese government to receive both suspected and diagnosed coronavirus patients.

“Three corpses, [they] have been lying here all morning,” the person who filmed these horrors is heard stating in the footage. “Some of them died in the wee hours. Nobody has come to deal with [them] yet.”

“And doctors, nurses and patients, they all work in such an environment,” the person filming further added. “Not a single person is here to manage.”

A doctor treating a coronavirus patient is also heard in the video crying out in horror, “What do we do here?” followed by the person filming voicing complaints that even the executives in charge of the hospital don’t know what to do about what’s transpiring.

China’s medical system is already overwhelmed even under normal circumstances – will coronavirus lead to a total collapse?

While the official numbers coming out of China peg the total number of coronavirus infections at around 6,200, the communist country is frantically constructing new facilities to accommodate more than 100,000 new hospital patients in the coming days. What this suggests, of course, is that there are far more infections in real life than the much lower number being reported by Chinese authorities.

“The epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, China’s Hubei Province, is opening up 100,000 hospital beds in an effort to contain the disease, the province’s vice governor announced on Jan. 27,” The Epoch Times is reporting.

What does the communist Chinese government know that it’s not telling the rest of the world, we wonder?

It’s important to keep in mind that China’s government-run health care system is already insanely overwhelmed even when there’s not an outbreak occurring, which makes this latest panic all the more suspicious and disturbing.

“China does not have a functioning primary care system, so most people flock to hospitals,” writes Sui-Lee Wee for The New York Times. “On an ordinary day, doctors are frustrated and exhausted as they see as many as 200 patients.”

“Those weaknesses are most pronounced in the poorer areas of China – like Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus,” Wee adds.

In other words, Chinese people living in Wuhan and many other areas of China routinely head to their nearest hospital whenever they get a mere cough or common cold, which puts immense strain on the country’s already dismal health care resources. And now with coronavirus, the entire system could be on the verge of collapse.

“Despite having dealt with the SARS coronavirus nearly two decades ago, many Chinese hospitals in smaller cities are not fully prepared to deal with a major outbreak like the current virus,” Wee says.

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