The MMR vaccine is a total failure, and health officials are desperately trying to prevent you from discovering that fact

Image: The MMR vaccine is a total failure, and health officials are desperately trying to prevent you from discovering that fact

(Natural News) For some odd reason, the “science-based medicine” folks refuse to acknowledge that their precious vaccines aren’t a one-size-fits-all miracle medicine. While even the manufacturer package inserts openly admit – because they have to – that some children won’t respond to vaccines and might even suffer adverse effects from them, both the media and health “authorities” alike want us all to believe them when they say that vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective, which is why they’re working tirelessly to eliminate vaccination exemptions all across the country.

Of particular concern is the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, a highly controversial multivalent jab that we’ve repeatedly warned doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. In fact, the MMR vaccine was fraudulently approved based on flawed and inaccurate studies, and is linked to causing a 340 percent increase in autism specifically among African-American boys.

There are many other problems with the MMR vaccine that continue to be ignored by those with the loudest voices in our society, which is why groups like Children’s Health Defense (CHD) are publishing groundbreaking research that tells the ugly truth about vaccines that nobody else seems willing to tell, save for Natural News and a few other independent media sources that have braved the tide of censorship in defense of the facts.

As part of an installment series about vaccine failure, CHD recently published an extensive piece about the many problems inherent to the MMR vaccine. The following is information about this deadly jab you’re unlikely to hear or read about anywhere else, which is why we’re committed to doing our part in getting the message out loudly and clearly.

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Fundamentally speaking, the MMR vaccine simply doesn’t provide true protection against measles like the medical establishment claims. As it turns out, primary and secondary measles vaccine failures are more common than many people think, with as many as 12 percent of children who receive the first dose of measles vaccine exhibiting what’s known as “primary vaccine failure.”

Almost none of the official story about the “benefits” of the MMR vaccine is true

For reasons that CHD claims remain “largely unknown,” measles vaccination often fails to induce the expected antibody response that’s believed to create immunity – meaning the vaccine is certifiably useless. And even in individuals for whom the vaccine appears to “take,” the science shows that many vaccinated individuals “have lower levels of measles-specific antibody than do those with immunity derived from exposure to wild-type” measles virus.

Secondary failure is also common, as even the best “immunity” procured by measles vaccines is temporary at best. At worst, no immunity is conferred at all, and vaccinated individuals still contract and spread vaccine-type measles infections to themselves and to others.

Another problem with measles vaccines is that they don’t pass any real immunity on to the next generation. A measles-vaccinated mother, for instance, will not pass on adequate immunity to her children like an unvaccinated mother who contracted measles naturally when she was a child would. This creates a situation in which the children of measles-vaccinated mothers are more prone to developing the type of serious measles infections that the media and health authorities constantly claim unvaccinated children are contracting and spreading.

And that brings us to another point: Measles-vaccinated individuals in general are still getting measles, and perhaps at an even higher rate than the statistics show. While media and government mouthpieces would have us all believe that getting vaccinated always prevents infection, the truth of the matter is that vaccines contain viral components, sometimes in live form, that are still capable of causing a vaccinated person to become ill.

Be sure to read the full CHD article about measles vaccine failure at this link.

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