UCLA law professor freely admits his university “leans heavily to the Left” and cares little for promoting “conservative, religious” diversity

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Image: UCLA law professor freely admits his university “leans heavily to the Left” and cares little for promoting “conservative, religious” diversity

(Natural News) Ordinarily, liberal academics who long ago infiltrated and dominated America’s college and university campuses try to conceal the fact that politically speaking, they are to the Left of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

But recently one UCLA law school professor not only came out and admitted that his institution is dominated by Left-wing political thought, but that it is that way at the expense of conservative students who are even persecuted for their views.

In a very honest blog post, Prof. Stephen Bainbridge, the William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law, published his diversity statement that he had to submit as part of the process of being evaluated for a pay raise.

“As regular readers know, I’m up for a merit raise at UCLAW this year and am now required to submit a statement of how I contribute to the University’s goals in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I have just emailed the statement to the administration,” he began.

“Although I am aware and respectful of the many dimensions within which a university properly seeks a diverse faculty and student body, I have long been particularly concerned with the lack of intellectual diversity at the law school,” he continued.

In particular, he said, a survey of law school professors from across the country found that the vast majority of them were white Democrats (both male and female), Jewish, or non-religious. Those groups “account for most (or all) of the overrepresentation among racial, gender, religious, and ideological groups” teaching law on American campuses.

The most underrepresented groups include “Republicans (both male and female) Protestants, and Catholics.”

The need for more conservatives is obvious and apparent

The UCLA professor noted that the disparities existed though “religion and political diversity” and are, in his view, more likely to be important than gender and racial diversity. (Related: Liberals at “Christian” college attack black pro-life speakers, claiming the truth about black genocide makes them “feel unsafe.”)

“At UCLA,” he wrote, “we know that the campus as a whole leans substantially to the left.” Citing research data, Bainbridge said the ration of liberals to conservatives at Cornell University was 166 to 6, while it was 141 to 9 at his university and 151 to 17 at Stanford University.

The ration was 166 to 5 at the University of Colorado, he noted.

But it’s worse for conservatives than simply being outnumbered by a wide margin. Bainbridge said that “conservative students have been ‘harassed, stalked, and threatened,’” he said, citing data.

In performing some of his own research, Bainbridge said he discovered that 36 people who claimed the law school as their employer donated exclusively to Democrats, one person to both parties, and only three exclusively to Republicans. And the most recent hire date for two of the three was 1997, he noted. In all, nearly 93 percent of the political donations he tracked went to Left-wing groups and Democratic politicians.

For his part, though, Bainbridge said he’s made an effort to “reach out” to conservative students. 

“Because conservative students and students of faith often feel alienated and estranged in an environment that is so relentlessly liberal and secular, I have made particular efforts to reach out to and support such students,” he wrote, adding that he has served as a mentor for leaders of The Federalist Society and the Christian Law Students Association.

And, he said, he’s attempted to lead by example, including as a volunteer with local Catholic Churches and organizations. But, he warned, if university officials don’t stop shutting out political, cultural, and academic conservatives, the school will completely lose all of the ‘diversity’ officials claim they want. 

We think Bainbridge’s pleas will fall on deaf ears, but kudos to him for making the effort.

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