PREPARE for Iran to activate terror cells across America and attack the power grid, water supplies and vulnerable infrastructure

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Image: PREPARE for Iran to activate terror cells across America and attack the power grid, water supplies and vulnerable infrastructure

(Natural News) As we roll into the new year with events already exploding in Iraq and Iran — rockets were just fired into the U.S.-controlled “green zone” near the U.S. embassy in Iraq — it’s shocking to realize how many people remain in total denial about the retribution that’s going to be carried out by Iran’s terror cells that are already embedded in cities across America.

As the map shows below, Islamic terrorist networks have been in place for years. What most Americans don’t yet fully realize is that Barack Obama helped fund these terror networks through a complex international money laundering scheme that delivered over $150 billion to Iran during the Obama administration. At least $1 billion went to fund Iran’s nuclear weapons program, with full knowledge from Obama. (Obama also helped Iran capture a U.S. drone and two Navy boats in order to give Iran U.S. military encryption technology.)

As a result, radical Islamic terror cells have a pervasive presence in New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Tucson and many other cities (see map below): (see sources and more maps at )

The way these terror networks operate is by fitting in with society while waiting for the once-in-a-lifetime command to “activate,” at which point they carry out deadly attacks on various targets that would produce the highest casualties, via asymmetric warfare.

In other words, these terror cells are your neighbors, your local dry cleaner owners, Uber drivers and retail workers. They’re everyday people who have spent years embedding themselves in society, but their long-term goal is to destroy America by any means necessary, and that’s what they’ve trained to carry out.

This article is about which targets on U.S. soil are most likely to be hit as these terror cells are activated.

Asymmetric warfare relies on population density to produce the highest casualties: CITIES are the death zones

First off, it’s crucial to understand that all the targets will be found in cities, not rural areas. That’s because asymmetric warfare needs high densities of human targets to achieve the desired goal of mass death. This simply cannot be achieved by attacking farms or rural residential areas.

So if you’re still living in a city for some reason, understand that you are now in the target zone for terror cell attacks. If you live in a city and don’t have a plan to escape the city on foot, complete with emergency water filters, food and firearms, then you obviously have some sort of twisted death wish.

Vulnerable infrastructure is surprisingly easy for terrorists to destroy

The second point here is that America’s infrastructure was not constructed with any real sense of making it resistant to domestic terrorism attacks. For example:

  • Power grid substations are right out in the open and can be easily attacked with long range rifles from 1-2 miles away.
  • Water deliver systems use open air canals and river sources that can be easily mass poisoned.
  • Food deliveries can be easily disrupted or contaminated by targeting food distribution hubs.
  • There are zero defenses right now against airborne biological, chemical or radiological weapons delivered via drones or even small planes.
  • Fuel refineries can be easily targeted with mortars or long-range rifle fire.
  • Improved explosives (or suicide vests) can be used to bomb large numbers of civilians who gather in public places such as concerts, subways or movie theaters.
  • Biological weapons are undetectable and can be released almost anywhere, with zero traceability. Thanks to CRISPR gene editing technology, almost anyone can whip up a bioweapon in their own basement, with minimal funding or technical expertise.

Thus, if Iran activates its terror cells across America, any rational person should fully expect to see disruptions in the power grid, water systems, food deliveries and fuel infrastructure.

These disruptions may be localized and possibly short-lived, but if large scale attacks are coordinated among several cells, a city like Los Angeles, for example, could be brought to its knees with simultaneous disruptions of water, fuel, electricity and food.

Given that some U.S. cities are already on the verge of collapsing into total chaos on any given day — L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Miami, etc. — it actually wouldn’t take much to tip these cities into spiraling chaos and lawlessness.

Most Americans are not prepared for any disruptions at all, and they will panic

Making matters worse, America is a culture populated by hyper-privileged, entitled snowflakes who go into a panic when they misplace their cell phones. Most Americans have zero preparedness plans and think the idea of storing food for an emergency is “tin foil hat crazy.” Similarly, few Americans know where to find a backup supply of water or how to filter that water and make it safe to drink.

The vast majority of Americans have no spare cash whatsoever — not even emergency money — and they have no means to defend themselves or live in any sustainable way that doesn’t rely on constant artificial inputs from outside the cities. As I’ve explained before, cities are artificial constructs that rely on a steady stream of food, electricity, fuel, bandwidth and water to survive. When any one of those is cut off, cities begin to rapidly collapse into chaos and panic.

There’s no doubt that Iran’s terror cells will be counting on this “chaos factor” when they plan their upcoming attacks. From their point of view, America is a weak culture of pathetic snowflakes who are easy to send into a panic because they live cushy, comfortable lives and have never faced real hardship like those who live in the Middle East. They’re not entirely wrong in this assessment, by the way: The average American — with a few exceptions such as soldiers, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, etc. — has never seen anything close to the carnage that will unfold when Iran activates a domestic war against America on U.S. soil.

America has become weak. It’s true. The snowflakian utopia of “Libtardia” has finally arrived.

America’s stock market bubble is highly vulnerable to panic, since it’s all running on perception, not financial reality

Another crucial point to understand in all this is how the bubble stock market could easily implode once the attacks begin on U.S. soil, since the entire market is now based on psychology rather than financial reality. Right now, people have “faith” in the market, and that — combined with some Fed pumping — is what’s keeping the whole house of cards propped up. But the moment the suicide bombers start detonating themselves in malls, movie theaters and train stations, guess what happens to all that “faith” in the minds of the average American retail investor? It vanishes.

Thus, Iran quite literally has the power to initiate a market crash that could indirectly take out Trump by causing him to lose the next election. That’s on top of the $80 million bounty on Trump’s head that has already been announced by Iran’s leadership. (Should Kathy Griffin claim the reward already?)

If you ever needed a good reason to get out of the stock market bubble, add this one to your list. The moment the terror cells go active in America, the market becomes highly vulnerable to fear, which immediately replaces the irrational exuberance that’s currently driving the market.

Likely weapons: Mortars, suicide vests, mass shootings, drone attacks and more

As a real-world example of how easy it is to acquire weapons of mass destruction in America — even by accident — a few years ago I was purchasing surplus lab equipment from Michigan State University. They shipped me a piece of used equipment that was full of liquid mercury… enough mercury to poison the entire water supply of Los Angeles, it turns out. I wasn’t even trying to purchase mercury and had no idea the machine was full of the toxic substance.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, they packed the instrument in bubble wrap and threw it in a cardboard box that turned out to be heavily contaminated with tiny mercury spheres from the moment I opened it. So Michigan State University managed to poison the UPS workers with mercury, too, while contaminating UPS trucks and everything else that was encountered along the way. (On the good side, Michigan State University apologized to me and paid for a hazmat cleanup team to pick up the mercury and dispose of it, which probably means they dumped it in the river or something, who knows…)

Imagine what a terrorist could acquire if they were actually trying to buy up lots of mercury, or hexavalent chromium, or some other toxic chemical that’s sold as an agricultural pesticide. It doesn’t take a genius terrorist to dump a hundred gallons of highly toxic chemicals into the water supply feeding Los Angeles… or Tucson, for that matter, since much of southern Arizona is fed by open air water canals.

Then again, the lunatic Americans who work in water treatment facilities are dumping toxic fluoride into the water supply every day, carrying out a government-approved mass poisoning of the population, even without help from terror cells. So it’s true that there has been chemical terrorism under way in America for decades, especially when you consider the scourge of biosludge and the mass poisoning of America’s farms with “recycled” toxic human sewage. (See for the full film.)

In addition to these chemical contamination vectors, terror cells may also resort to old tried-and-true tactics such as wearing a suicide vest and detonating in the middle of a Sunday crowd in San Francisco. They might also target refineries and fuel storage tanks near Houston with mortar fire or long-range rifle fire. Mass shootings might also be carried out against large crowds of people, similar to the Las Vegas shooting that we’ll never forget, since that entire fiasco was immediately covered up by the treasonous FBI and local law enforcement.

If you ever needed a reason to become more self-sufficient and remove yourself from the grid as much as possible, now you’ve got one. Even hanging out with crowds of people at public events may become a risky activity once the terror cells activate. If you thought terrorists bombing public buses and sidewalk cafes was limited to the Israel / Palestine conflict, think again: Iran may bring those same tactics to America.

Over 90% of Americans have no idea how to use a tourniquet and have never taken a fighting pistol course

The vast majority of Americans have no idea how to use a tourniquet, and this fact should be alarming when you consider the possibility of bombings that might target U.S. cities. Almost no one carries a spare tourniquet, not even in their vehicles.

Personally, I carry blood stop devices, puncture wound treatment devices and even a chest vent seal, and that’s on top of the multiple tourniquets in my vehicle, plus one on my person. I’ve practiced how to apply a tourniquet with one hand, and how to shoot, clear jams and reload a pistol with either hand. These are simple skills, yet over 99% of Americans have not even practiced them at all. In effect, the American people are highly vulnerable to acts of terrorism because Americans have become weak and comfortable, for the most part. They no longer have a survival mindset, and their real-world skills are practically non-existent except for certain classes of individuals that I mentioned above, such as cops, fire fighters, EMTs, police officers and even truckers — people who have seen the real world and don’t like in liberal bubbles like Twitter and Facebook.

Things you really need to get done in 2020, hopefully before the bombings begin

If you’ve never taken a pistol or rifle training course, make 2020 your year to get that done. offers courses in select cities across the country, and you can also check your local community for firearms instruction that goes beyond the basics of concealed carry.

If you’ve never practiced stuffing a bullet wound with gauze, sticking tampons into puncture wounds, or stopping bleeding from lacerations and knife wounds, then you’re not prepared for America in the 2020s. Just ask the New York Jews, who are now under constant attack from radical Islamic nut jobs who have been emboldened by the insane left-wing media that now claims Islamic terrorism is caused by “white supremacy,” somehow.

If you don’t yet own a good pistol, a rifle, some spare ammo and some high-end colloidal silver gel, you’re not ready for the reality of what has just been unleashed. If you don’t own a water filter, some stored food and some emergency communications gear, you’re hopelessly unprepared for the new future we now share.

You are now living in “Battlefield America,” and the war will be brought here this calendar year. In fact, Iran and Barack Obama have both worked toward this for a very long time. It’s Obama’s billions of dollars in laundered money delivered to Iran, after all, that helped fund this war on America. And all the Democrats are rooting for the Islamic terrorists, in case you haven’t noticed. Their mask has come off, and Democrats are now 100% in alignment with radical Islam when it comes to hating America and hoping for America’s total destruction.

Maybe Trump should do something about the domestic enemies in America instead of bombing militants in the Middle East, ya think?


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