Twenty questions for 2020 that point to a year of unprecedented social, political and financial chaos

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Image: Twenty questions for 2020 that point to a year of unprecedented social, political and financial chaos

(Natural News) Events are now shaping up that will make 2020 one of the most historic (and challenging) years of our lives. With so many events converging into potential for conflict or collapse — social, political, financial, geological — this is going to be a year that none of us will ever forget.

It brings to mind these 20 questions that we should all be asking right now as we enter the new year:

#1) What’s going to happen when the armed citizens of Virginia rise up and arrest treasonous Gov. Ralph Northam and his criminal cartel of lawless Democrats who are openly violating the Bill of Rights with their gun confiscation demands? Is this how the civil war begins?

#2) Can the Fed keep the stock market illusion propped up through the November election? What happens when the “Minsky moment” occurs and all the leverage unwinds without warning?

#3) When the Fed stops printing new money to pump up the system (quantitative easing), what happens to the real estate bubble in high-priced cities like San Francisco and Austin?

#4) Speaking of liberal cities, what’s going to happen as the homeless problem gets far worse, even while left-wing Democrats refuse to enforce any rules for the homeless? With the homeless already s##tting in the streets of San Francisco and setting up mattresses along the sidewalks of Austin, it won’t be long before the homeless just take over the sports stadiums and highways, “squatting” wherever there’s shelter.

#5) How insane will Leftists go when Democrats lose the election in November, and liberals realize they have to live with four more years of Trump? Will their heads literally explode this time? If so, can we please have a compilation video from someone?


#6) Who will be criminally indicted and prosecuted by the DOJ when William Barr finally takes action on the Durham investigation? I’m told some of those to be indicted will be “household names.” Does that mean Comey? Clinton? Obama? Or is William Barr playing a “long con” that will result in nobody being indicted?

#7) What level of false flag events will the deep state attempt to carry out in order to try to assassinate Trump or ignite a civil war? It’s pretty clear they plan to carry out a mass shooting that will be blamed on Trump supporters, but do they still have the personnel to successfully carry out another such false flag event without getting caught?

#8) Will the many volcanoes and earthquakes that are currently rumbling finally blow in 2020? Why is NASA flying so many planes over the earthquake regions of California, equipped with deep ground penetrating radar? And what aren’t they telling us?

#9) What’s going to happen with all the banking outages and power grid failures that seem to be accelerating? If the food stamp system goes down for any extended period of time, America’s liberal cities will erupt into chaos.

#10) How will CNN and the liberal media cheat during the presidential debates (just like they did with Hillary Clinton) to try to rescue the flailing Democrats who currently have a near-zero chance of beating Trump?

#11) Speaking of flailing Dems, what new, entertaining nonsense will Joe Biden spout in 2020 as his cognitive function continues to collapse? Will he ever rejoin the world in which the rest of us live, or is he forever stuck in his own reality where he’s a child-petting geopolitical bad-ass who can lie with impunity because the left-wing media has his back?

#12) What’s with all the weird sounds in the sky, and the weird humming noises people are reporting all over the world? Are literal demon portals opening up, with demons spilling through like something out of an Avenger’s movie? Or is somebody blasting and drilling tunnels all over the place? (Damn you, Elon Musk!)

#13) Speaking of movies, when will the next Star Wars movie feature a lead jedi character who is a cognitively retarded, non-white transgender illegal immigrant minority female Muslim with crooked teeth waving a light saber and wearing a suicide vest and praising Allah? If you’re gonna go “woke,” heck just go all the way.

#14) How long can the “unicorn” companies like Uber and Lyft continue to run on investor’s money — with no profit model anywhere in sight — before their Ponzi schemes collapse in a total wipe out? Similarly, is 2020 the year that Tesla finally collapses under the weight of the con artistry and empty promises of Elon Musk?

#15) Is 2020 the year that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes, opening up a new Supreme Court seat that sends the radical Left into a mindless rage? Imagine a 7-2 conservative advantage in the Supreme Court, followed by a new review of abortion. Now you begin to understand the insanity that will sweep across the dark hearts and twisted minds of Leftists, whose very lives are dedicated to the systematical, ritualistic murder of unborn children.

#16) When will China announce its new gold-backed currency, plunging the U.S. dollars into the trash heap of history? That day may not be coming in 2020, but it’s clear China is accumulating literally thousands of tons of gold in preparation for that day. And what is the U.S. doing? Spending more debt money while making sure the military funds transgender surgeries for soldiers. Just wow. The Russians are laughing their asses off.

#17) Will there be a CDC whistleblower who spills the truth about the “vaccine deep state” and its criminal operations headed by the CDC? With whistleblowers appearing across the tech industry, Wall Street and politics, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to expose the CDC’s crimes against children and finally speak the truth.

#18) Will the food shortage problems that began to emerge in 2019 get far worse in 2020? Crop failures seem to be accelerating, and food deliveries to grocery retailers have experienced many disruptions in 2019. The food supply “buffer” is thinner than at any time in recent memory, and chemical agriculture is failing to produce the output gains it long promised. 2020 might be a great year to start growing some of your own food.

#19) Is 2020 the year of disclosure? The U.S. government seems to be preparing to lift the veil on contact, now having confirmed sightings of non-Earth aircraft flying near Air Force fighter jets (and caught on video). A secondary question is whether alien contact will be faked to demand global subservience of all humans under a one world government that claims to be “fighting the aliens” (or whatever cover story they want to fabricate). Watch out, it’s aliens! Now turn in all your guns so we can fight them together… or something.

#20) What End Times events will unfold in 2020? With trumpets already being heard in the heavens, and various signs being observed around the world, many believe we are living through prophecy as described in the Bible. Does that mean we will have seven years of suffering and chaos? Interpretations vary, but the signs are becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss. Read the Book of Revelation if you haven’t yet. It’s the only book on Earth that was written by a supernatural intelligence.

More questions will arise, no doubt, so buckle up, Forrest Gump. 2020 is gonna be like a box of exploding chocolates.

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Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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