Drag queens now performing “pre-shows” at Star Wars movie theater showings

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Image: Drag queens now performing “pre-shows” at Star Wars movie theater showings

(Natural News) Parents wanting to take their children to see the latest Star War flick, be warned: If you choose an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, you’ll be bombarded with an obscene drag queen raunch-fest as part of the chain’s signature pre-show performance.

According to reports, the Texas-based movie chain has been surprising Star Wars moviegoers with these drag queen performances unannounced, which has sent many angry parents straight to Twitter to air their grievances.

Alamo Drafthouse has yet to respond to any of this outrage other than to claim that drag queens align with the Star Wars film’s “fashion” themes, which somehow makes them a permissible feature for young children to watch before the movie starts rolling.

Video footage of a pre-show drag queen performance at an Alamo Drafthouse location in Chandler, Arizona, was shared to Twitter, revealing the utter depravity that parents and their children were exposed to without even knowing that it was going to take place.

“Absolute bulls**t to unexpectedly force sexuality conversation on little children at family movie night Disney, you absolute pieces of s**t,” wrote one outraged Twitter user who shared this vile footage with his followers, adding that his seven- and eight-year-old sons were asking him “why the boys looked like girls in crazy clothes.”

To be fair, this is the type of thing that parents should automatically expect from the likes of Disney, which had already made it clear that The Rise of Skywalker would feature LGBTQ themes. But it’s still highly inappropriate for Alamo Drafthouse to trick parents with unannounced pre-show drag queen performances without their consent.

“We are in a war for our morality, from every angle,” lamented one Twitter user in response to the video footage of Alamo’s drag queens. “Depravity everywhere.”

“Indoctrination and indecent seems to be their philosophy… absolutely evil!” wrote another, following another tweet from someone else who tweeted New York Senator Chuck Schumer directly to ask him: “Is this the America you envision for your grandchildren?”

Alamo Drafthouse doubles down on drag queen pre-shows, says they’re “perfectly normal” for children

PJ Media reportedly reached out to Bryan Schomer, the very young-looking manager of the Alamo Drafthouse Chandler location, to seek answers about why Alamo is tricking parents like this. But his only response was one of defense for the chain’s disgusting decision.

“It’s perfectly normal to have people discussing fashion from the movie in the pre-show,” was Schomer’s canned response. When further pressed about how these aren’t mere people, but rather adult performers sashaying around in makeup and bikinis, Schomer went on to state: “It’s a PG-13 movie and the pre-show is about the movie. There’s nothing in it that would be unusual.”

Many upset moviegoers have tried to reach someone at Alamo Drafthous above Schomer’s paygrade, but thus far all of them have been unsuccessful. As it turns out, Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t want to interact with its patrons and has actually put systems in place to ensure a constant communications firewall.

PJ Media found a number for the corporate office in Texas but was routed through an automated switchboard that hung up every few seconds before anyone answered the phone,” writes Megan Fox for this media outlet.

“The switchboard only had two options: contact a local theater or a dial-by-name directory. As of publishing, the corporate office has not issued any official response. Chandler manager Schomer said he did not get any direct complaints from patrons but had heard about it through others.”

Our advice is to avoid Alamo Drafthouse at all costs and show the company what the American people really think about this perversion being forced down the throats of our children.

For more related news about the transgenderism agenda to destroy our nation’s youth, reader Gender.news.

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