Trump-supporting women attacked by Left-wing lunatics at swanky D.C. affair who called them “c**ts” and Nazis

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Image: Trump-supporting women attacked by Left-wing lunatics at swanky D.C. affair who called them “c**ts” and Nazis

(Natural News) While Left-wing Democrats continually claim that President Donald Trump and his supporters are “bullies” and “authoritarians,” they are actually the ones who are actually guilty of such behavior.

In fact, a group of Leftist women demonstrated that again earlier this week when they attacked and verbally assaulted a group of ladies who support the president.

As reported by Breitbart, attendees of a “high-profile Democrat wedding” stalked, harassed, and physically assaulted members of Women for America First at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, on Saturday, according to a press release by the group.

The group is an outside conservative organization that supports the president and is run by a longtime grassroots conservative activist, Amy Kremer.

The press release said that about 200 women attended the Women for America First event, which was titled, “A Very MAGA Holiday Weekend.” The Democrat wedding took place in an adjacent ballroom, the group said.

The group claimed that the private event held by Women for America First was regularly interrupted “at least” 30 times by participants in the wedding. One of the interruptions included a physical assault against Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent, who mentioned it on Twitter.

According to the press release, the Democrat women called the MAGA event attendees “c**ts,” “Nazis,” and “MAGA trash” — because that’s how Left-wing lunatics roll.

“Our event on Saturday evening was rudely disrupted when attendees from a high-profile democrat wedding in the adjacent ballroom repeatedly stalked, harassed, and both verbally and ultimately physically attacked our guests. Throughout the evening, on at least 30 different occasions, our private event was interrupted,” the press release said.

“One group of our guests trying to locate our event was invited into the room where the wedding was being held by a group of women attending the wedding. Once inside, they realized it was the wrong room, but the women told them they should stay because it was a Biden rally and they simply shouldn’t support President Trump,” the release continued. “Our guests were repeatedly verbally assaulted with comments such as ‘is this an actual thing?’, ‘you should be ashamed of yourselves’, ‘MAGA Trash’, ‘Nazis’ and ‘C*nts’.”


Some day this kind of behavior will backfire on the Left

Gilliam, the release noted, escorted several of the women out of the venue, but he was intercepted in the lobby of the hotel by the alleged best man at the wedding, who was accompanied by “approximately 4-6 other attendees of the wedding party.”

They began to verbally taunt him and the women he was protecting, which eventually escalated into an actual altercation. (Related: Left-wing VIOLENCE has created a ‘new normal’ for GOP Congress: Dramatic increase in THREATS.)

“Subsequently, Jonathan was physically attacked by approximately 4-6 other attendees of the wedding party who piled on attempting to choke and beat him, before he was able to break free and counter the attack,” said the press release. 

Eventually, other guests intervened as did a plain-clothed police officer. In addition, Metro DC police responded within minutes, which resulted in the arrest of the alleged best man. But the abuse heaped on the MAGA women didn’t end there, the press release stated.

“After the police arrested the man, the wedding guests proceeded to confront our guests and screaming to ‘make things right.’ The wedding guests proceeded to the Round Robin Bar where they continued to intimidate members of our group to the point where our members retreated to their rooms to avoid any further attacks,” the release said.

These, by the way, were some of Washington, D.C.’s ‘self-appointed elitists’ who have decided, on their own, that only they and those who agree with them are worthy of moving freely in public without the threat of being harassed.

Only cowards think and behave this way. 

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