The top 10 most mind-bending MYSTERIES of 2019

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Image: The top 10 most mind-bending MYSTERIES of 2019

(Natural News) What’s the best thing to do when you encounter a mystery you can’t explain? Why, report on it, of course! Here are 10 of the strangest news stories that passed our desks this past year that we thought you should know about:

The terraforming of planet Earth, and the planned annihilation of humankind: Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams

During a summer interview with Dave Hodges, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talked about how the world is being terraformed in preparation for a “post-human era,” which includes the “elites” mass-poisoning humans with vaccines, fluoride, and other deadly chemicals in order to drive us all to cultural suicide. It’s a creepy and disturbing phenomenon, to say the least, but it’s all part of the eugenics and depopulation agenda of the Satan-worshiping globalists who believe that they’re the chosen few to occupy this planet post-apocalypse.

Advanced, non-human UFO technology repeatedly observed, documented and filmed by U.S. Navy pilots

Most people are familiar with the concept of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), but did you know that we have actual footage of them that’s been captured by our own military? Though the identities of these objects, some of which appear to “reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds,” remains a mystery, the public is being allowed to look at them and decide for ourselves what they are – so what do you think?

Declassified documents reveal SHOCKING government projects, including research on warp drives and high-energy laser weapons

Even though the government fessed up about this one, there’s a whole lot of stuff that our “public servants” aren’t telling us about, including all of their taxpayer-funded research into things like “warp drives,” wormhole travel, high-energy laser weapons, and even invisibility cloaking – too crazy to be real, right? Wrong, according to formerly declassified government documents.


The Navy initiates program to track UFOs… but the public isn’t allowed to know what they find

After some of its ranking members observed a series of strange UFOs while deployed on aircraft carriers, the United States Navy decided to create a UFO-tracking system that monitors the movements of strange objects in our skies. But will they actually tell us all what they determine from this research? Time will tell…

Sugar molecules exist in space, according to astronomers

They say it’s more addictive than cocaine, and scientists have now discovered that sugar actually exists in space. But the type of sugar that exists way out there in the unknown isn’t the same kind we have here on earth, but rather it’s a more complex variety that makes up the DNA of what astronomers say are living organisms from other planets and galaxies.

As far as intelligent life goes, we are most likely not the smartest kid in the class

“Intelligent design” is a more modern way of saying that our world and the space outside of it were created by God rather than evolution. And it’s now being reported that intelligent life may exist on other planets – and this intelligent life could actually be more intelligent than anything that lives on earth, which makes for some interesting sci-fi content for books and films.

Aliens with green or grey skin? No, researchers say extraterrestrial life may look like pasta

Most of us are used to seeing extraterrestrials (ETs) depicted as grey-skinned aliens – think “ET phone home”-type stuff. But scientists say that actual ET life probably looks more like spaghetti, meaning no riding around in bicycle baskets and pointing at the skies with a glowing finger.

So, the Milky Way has a gaping hole – but what caused it?

On really clear nights way up in the mountains, you can often see the Milky Way galaxy appearing as a giant strip or belt of stars wrapping around the planet. But did you know that the Milky Way may actually have a hole in it? This is what Ivy League scientists claim, anyway, suggesting that this could be proof that dark matter does, in fact, exist.

Is the idea of meeting aliens really just science fiction? Expert lays his case to prove it’s NOT

Whatever you choose to call them, ETs may not simply be manifestations of creative minds looking to thrill people for entertainment purposes. According to Cathal D. O’Connell, it “seems inevitable” that alien life does exist somewhere “out there,” and that it’s only a matter of identifying the right environments where they could possibly live in order to find them.

Just because a planet has oxygen, doesn’t mean it has signs of life

One of these “right environment” criteria has been that a place must have oxygen in order for alien life to exist. But this presupposes that all life is like human life, when that may not be the case. What we’ve learned this past year is that inhabitable planets don’t necessarily have to have oxygen for alien life to live there, which means there’s a whole lot more exploring to do!

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