YouTube is now banning “wrongthink” by labeling it “hate”… but it’s really just a way to silence anyone who disagrees with the twisted agendas of the radical Left

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Image: YouTube is now banning “wrongthink” by labeling it “hate”… but it’s really just a way to silence anyone who disagrees with the twisted agendas of the radical Left

(Natural News) Just when we thought that YouTube had finally hit rock bottom with its outrageous censorship tactics, along comes yet another company announcement about how YouTube channels and videos that violate the platform’s new “acceptable thoughts” policies will soon, if they haven’t already, be censored or deleted.

Following line-by-line the supposedly fictitious concepts laid out in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, YouTube is well on its way towards policing every single thought, idea, sentiment, joke, and even facial expression in the video content published to its platform. And anything that doesn’t meet the corporation’s arbitrary “acceptable thoughts” threshold can now expect to be shadow-banned, de-platformed, demonetized, or banned.

“@YouTube,” announced YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on her Twitter account, adding that “we take it very seriously when creators share stories about harassment. Today we announced an update to our harassment policy that will help make YouTube a better place for everyone,” she further added.

The only people who can be victims of “harassment” on YouTube are LGBTQs and others from protected leftist groups

So, what constitutes “harassment,” exactly? According to YouTube, it’s anything that “hurts our community by making people less inclined to share their opinions and engage with each other.” In other words, snowflakes who are easily offended by anything that challenges their particular worldviews will simply have to claim “harassment” in order to silence their detractors.


Keep in mind that this “harassment” policy really only applies to content that offends the Cult of LGBTQ, or one of the other leftist special interest groups that’s routinely catered to by Big Tech. It doesn’t apply to Christians who are being harassed by atheists, for instance, or conservatives who are harassed by liberals.

Correctly pointing out, using biological fact, that there are only two genders, as one prominent example, is considered by YouTube to be “harassment.” It is also considered “harassment” to point out on YouTube that many Drag Queen Story Hour events are being hosted by perverts, pedophiles, and other convicted sex predators who are being allowed easy access to young children in the name of “tolerance” and “pride.”

One Twitter user, responding to Wojcicki’s announcement about her company’s new “harassment” policies,” highlighted all of this using a simple list, which reads as follows:

“Criticism: harassment
Different opinions: harassment
Cold hard facts: harassment
Edgy humor: harassment
Demonetization: apparent
YouTube?: Dying.

Thanks Susan!

Like I said. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.”

It’s important to note that video content isn’t the only thing that YouTube will now be probing for anything that might be considered “harassment.” The company will also be scoping the comment sections on videos to look for anything that an LGBTQ might find to be “offensive” – though YouTube claims that it’s not looking for merely “negative or critical” comments.

The problem is that YouTube’s definitions of “harassment” are so incredibly vague that almost anything could be deemed as “harassment” should one of YouTube’s manual censors personally deem it as such.

“The entire reason YouTube became massive was YouTubers having beef and drama,” tweeted conservative commentator and writer Paul Joseph Watson, who’s endured his own share of “harassment” in the form of having his social media and tech accounts routinely targeted with Big Tech censorship.

“The line between criticism and ‘harassment’ is now so blurred, nobody knows where they stand,” he added.

Pretty soon, the only people who will be allowed on YouTube, or any other tech media for that matter, are those who agree to parrot the propaganda of the deep state. There’s already very little, if any, room for alternative viewpoints that contradict the prevailing narratives of our day.

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